You Are Missing From Me

I watched a Hallmark movie and one of the characters said this phrase, “You are missing from me.” It was pure poetry to me for in this phrase I found my inner children and their belonging.

Whenever we’re looking for something or someone or searching, in general, we can ask questions for guidance. It’s our inner children who know who and what we’re looking for, they’ve seen it ALL. We’re trained to ask guidance from God or spirit or an unseen entity that someone has told us about and I get this. Yet, for me, I am cultivating a relationship with the seen entity called me, who knows me and who I would like to credit for my existence.

When I say you are missing from me, I get to call for the ALL who contribute to who I am and where I need to go. My knees are made up of the ALL who know what I’m made of and know how my knees operate, their conditioning, their history. So, when there is a pain in my knees, I ask for information and wisdom because their value is missing. They never got credit for their existence so I give credit now.

So, when you believe you need some information and wisdom and don’t know, exactly, where to go. Go to your inner Google, it is who knows ALL about you. Like the words in the song, “Getting to know you, getting to know ALL about you.” Then feel yourself being your answer, the answer is written in your entire body.

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