Writing From

Today, I was sitting on my sofa and started writing a marketing idea, to help our realtor sell our home. It was a space where I just wrote, I cared enough about me writing and I shared it with our realtor. That’s all I was supposed to “do” with it, “write and share.” The “I care” is about me in my current position, not where the writing goes. I can “watch” the writing leave me, but my focus is still where I am. If I follow where it leaves me, then I have just left my body, and not caring about me any longer.

Our realtor responded that he would have to shorten what I wrote due to his marketing parameters, he said it was a challenge to shorten while still giving pertinent information to a potential buyer. I understood this, completely. I have my own challenges with being concise, I like the feeling of writing words and sometimes the words don’t want to stop expressing themselves. They like themselves so much because they come from me.

When you “do” something from, it opens up you in simplistic form. You are not intended to look at where the doing lands, but where you’re from, where your location is strong. Your eyes are located in you, it’s not where your eyes land, but where your eyes are located. It’s a challenge, though, not to focus on “out there,” but to focus on in here, where you are landed.

Here’s what I wrote and I shortened it for this article.

“Hey Wayne, I’m sitting on my sofa, staring, and was inspired to write. Maybe you can use this for marketing our home. This is what it’s truly been like for me.

Imagine living in a space where you’re invited to be with nature with each breath.

Living in your majestic home affords you the opportunity to live high up on a four acre retreat, your nearest neighbors being deer and squirrels. The rich abundance of nature is brought to your front door, like a daily newspaper, via the grand storefront window which overlooks the Olympic Mountain range and Lake Cushman.

Your work desk is in a prime location, the corner office with a view, that shows you’ve been elevated and rewarded for all your hard work. You sit here and are truly inspired as you breathe one with nature, breathe in your majestic scenery. This is how your communication style gets enhanced, naturally.

Nearby is a large sofa with ottoman to support your body’s need for rest, simply to stare into space. Your new mantra will be, “staring is my favorite time of day.” The nearby guest cottage is perfect for your friends and family private living space. The covered porch invites your guests to “sip and stare,” sipping coffee and staring into the trees and mountain range.

If you’re looking for a getaway, you have arrived!”

The challenge will always be staying here, making you strong in everything that you feel, and watching the “happening” out there. You’ll want to control the “happening,” but the, actual, control is you feeling your emotions, taking ownership of your emotions where you are.

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