The Value of Questions

As you go through your day, moment by moment, you’re engaged to many things. You want to formulate a relationship in each moment, you don’t want to break off your engagement with the moment until you understand why it is here. How you interact in the relationship is key. Stop. Question.

In this way, you’re the one who “gets” you, you’re not waiting for anything or anyone to get you. You are the master in your arena, communicating how ALL of you sees you, first, then seeing outward. You are the lowest common denominator in your moment so you move, low to the ground, so you can assess who is here and how you are to move. Sometimes, hindsight is necessary, circling back to see who that was and how you will move differently as a result of what you learned. Stop. Question.

Questions open you up, similar to an open body exploration when a doctor is trying to find what is wrong. Questions give you access to all parts of you who are exploring and who know. The questions know the answer path and it requires that you keep the line of questioning open. It’s a moment to moment question AND answer arena, but once you know how you operate in your operating room, you’re able to move to connect and decide your next move.

It takes you to engage with ALL of you who is connected to you. This ALL of you, including the hidden aspects, know you very well. They know why you move the way you do. They know your history like no other can and will ever be able to. This is why you MUST communicate within so you have direct access to your tell-ALL-communication system.

Stay connected to your dots, the vast system within you. You can’t connect the dots back to you if you don’t open up to your own communication system who guides. If you have an ailment of some sort, like mine is sinus issues currently, you can ask questions why it is here and what you are to learn from it. It opens up your exploration, to explore where it came from, why it’s here and what you can learn from it moving forward.

This is a human learning arena.

Questions are incredibly valuable, they have the Intelligent capacity to hone in and stay focused on you as a system of Intelligence. No one is as Intelligent as you are, no one can know how you should be moving. Stay focused on you and be guided by ALL your inner children who know how to speak, how to feel, how each part of you is connected. They have the gift of clear seeing.

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