The Power of Transformation

When things are changing and not going according to your “scheduled” plan, where something comes in that is unexpected, there can be a prompting of “What the hell is this?” And this is the question you should ask.

I recently read somewhere that mentioned we’re afraid of the power that is within that transformation, we’re afraid of recognizing it and acknowledging it. That’s why we either pretend that what is happening shouldn’t be here or we busy ourselves with distractions to keep up our pretend status. We’re afraid of what it means to transform within what is occurring. We may mention change is good, but, in reality, we don’t want to feel the crap that is built in to the change. So, we, surfacely, say words, but don’t want to go to the feelings under the words. The feelings are where the crap is, underneath is where the power is.

It is our own meaning, though. No one else can dictate or hand us a script, like a prescription, that says this is what your change means and what your remedy should be.

Utilizing the power in our own transformation has to come from within. There’s dialogue, there’s shitty feelings, there’s all the attributes that make us part of the whole transformation. There’s power in our own name, herein lies the treasure.

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