The Nuances of Conversations

Recently, I spoke with a friend and she mentioned some challenges with her mom’s care. In our conversation, I mentioned that she may want to have further dialogue with her mom’s caregivers. My friend said she didn’t know the words to say, but knew she needed to have THE conversation.

Conversations are crucial, it’s how we convey what we need. Yet, there are many parts to conversations and emotions do show up in the having of them. Fear is present as well in its role as wisdom keeper, but we may be afraid to have the conversation because fear is present with our vulnerability intact.

It’s helpful to have the conversation with yourself first before having a conversation with someone else so you understand what is here in its basic form. The self-conversation provides the dialogue, sifting and sorting through all that is present so that the dialogue can be formulated in a coherent way.

We may think, though, that we’re gearing up to have a one size fits all conversation, one and done. BUT that is not the case. We’re preparing to open up the channels for the ever-evolving dialogue to take place, for however long it is intended to take place. One conversation that builds on another, which builds on another.

We get to say, “I AM afraid,” and continue with what this means for us. It’s the basic building blocks for describing the meaning for us as individuals. The conversation is, in actuality, for us as we build our conversation structure and then express it outward. We’re always building conversation, building our growth within our structure. And we can circle back at anytime if we are not complete with our building.

We’re not fearless, we’re full of fear and we acknowledge and recognize this. We don’t attempt to steer away from any emotion that is present. We’re having the conversation, filled with ourselves. So, fear gets to be right here in its present form.

There are many nuances to conversation, just know they are about you, about who you are and what you want to convey. Let yourself know who you are.

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