The List

When you create a list, you’re creating a framework from which to navigate from. It’s a clear, focused, process on what you’re intentional doing. First, I do this. Then I do this. Your list is your map so that success can be created, easily. You want success, right?

Think about a frame with a picture in it. The frame is the boundary area so that a clear picture can be seen. If the picture didn’t have a frame, your brain couldn’t clearly focus on the image of intention. The image would blend into the background and that’s not what you want. Anytime you show a picture, you want a boundary around it so that you or anyone can see the image. That’s what boundaries are for, to keep something intact for clear viewing.

Your list is the same. You need it for clear viewing on your step by step journey. If you didn’t have a list, your brain would be scattered in trying to access the necessary data. You’ve heard the term, “scatter brain?”

I know when I don’t have my list in the grocery store, I’m scatter brained and lost. I don’t have a clear idea in what I’m there for, I’m trying to rack my brain, trying to access my brain’s memory banks. If you saw me, my face would have contortions, which is me trying to help my brain. My eyes may be squinting, my forehead may drop, all sorts of facial movements in order to try to remember.

A list is important to have a framework so that success can easily be achieved. Because once you give yourself a focus, then ALL the support for the success is laid out. As in the grocery store scenario, you’re guided step by step to locate the items on your list. It’s all laid out for you, you simply have to follow what you already created and put into place.

And remember, time is never your issue, focus is your issue. A list helps you focus your time so that you’re not all over the place with your time and you run out of it. In this way, you become your own transformational leader.

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