The Awakened “I”

Know Thyself has so much power packed information and wisdom that just keeps coming. As you deepen the thoughts of you, you converse at such depth to really understand yourself. Not for anyone else to understand you, but for you to understand you. From here, you share.

You may no longer join any arenas, clubs or cults, where you’re supposed to abide by certain rules in order to stay within that framework. You may end up leaving so much because you now have a different “I” who sees so much more and you like living within your own awareness so you stay here within “I.” Your “I” is relative to you, your relative that you keep listening to, moving toward for guidance, sharing conversation, sharing your view of your world. It is your Intuition with a capital “I.”

Feeling ALL emotions is relative to you so you feel whatever is present knowing that more information and wisdom comes through the feeling. You’re awake, no longer sleeping in trance-like following to your moment to moment experience, asking what do “I” need, how do “I” want to proceed. ALL of you is present and accounted for as you circle back to find anyone of you who feels separated and who has something to say or feel about it. I now see the relevance in drawing the circle over the “i” when printing my name of Tami. I like gathering me for conversation, drawing a circle so that we all join the “I” circle in my name, passing the talking stick so we give attention to each of us who feels her loud and strong voice.

It’s similar when a mother draws her children in to gather around her bosom, you do the same. You draw every part of you to join in conversation and feeling, supporting the whole. No one is outside the “I” circle, everyone within you is Invited.

“I” completes itself in the statement of “I AM _________, filling in the blank with your name. You don’t say, “I am religious, I am spiritual.” Under the umbrella of your name, you are awake to what this means for you so you know or explore yourself within or under your own name. Your name is what you’re born with and it will be your name when you die so you might as well get to know you via your name.

“I” was led to read a book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, by Joseph Campbell. In this book, “I” found myself through the words, here is what I found as I converted the words to fit me. There was a lot of reference to the pronoun “he,” so I made it fit for me for understanding.

Transporting the infantile images of our personal past.

Pain and pleasure do not enclose her, she encloses them.

We no longer desire and fear, we are what was desired and feared.

Is that the hero herself is that which she came to find.

Do ALL within your own name for within your own name is ALL of you, your hero called “I.”

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