Needing Support

Navigating life can be challenging, but also know that “true” support is crucial. This type of feedback is necessary to know where you need help in certain areas, how to ask for it in a conscious, grounded, way, then move forward knowing that ALL of you is in congruence.

When you lay the groundwork for what you know you need help with, you’re accessing the parts of you who didn’t get to experience the “true” help. We’re not intended to do everything ourselves, we’re intended to reach out to our team, the team created by us. It’s TEAM (Your Name).

If you’re like me, asking for help is always in development, always building my help team. First, I need to inquire within and ask what is needed. Once I listen and get clarity, then I’m much more comfortable in asking, although there will be parts of me suggesting that the person might be too busy and I might be bothering him. This just happened relative to my needing help with my WordPress site.

I moved through my own emotions and thoughts, knowing full well I needed help and so I acknowledged ALL of me as I asked for help. Sometimes asking for help doesn’t require any in-depth conversation and sometimes it does. This is where intuition and dialogue comes into play. The inquiry is necessary to help move through the emotions and lay the groundwork for the action.

If you were like me and didn’t have any foundation in your childhood to be comfortable in asking for help, you won’t have any experiences to draw from. So, you have to start in your discomfort asking in your child voice, “Can you help me?” You’re not trying to get rid of the discomfort for it is here to stay. Once you know this, then you can ask questions to see what it has to say and move with it. There is a child(ren) here being represented and she wants to be acknowledged that she is afraid. Because in her childhood she didn’t ask because she knew, in an unconscious way, that no one was available to meet her needs.

Now, I am much more conscious.

Build your support team, your help team, to surround you with a framework and ask. Then move through your emotions and thoughts as you help them be integrated and integral to your process of building.

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