Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is an intentional process to utilize as your blueprint or map for a specific area in your life. For each area of your life, you can write, with focus, the details or components. In this way, you become your own transformational leader, showing yourself as the leader of your own intentional journey.

When you think about it, an Architect, Builder or Contractor (ABC), has to have a map in which to guide the details of the building they are constructing. If the ABC’s didn’t have a blueprint, how would they know which direction to go and what comes next? This map is crucial so that they stay on task. And they have a blueprint for each specific building that is constructed.

It’s like putting together a puzzle and having the picture on the front of the box as your guide. Without the picture, would you know what you’re putting together? The details of the picture are crucial.

I’ve written a mind map for the launch of my book, The Taming of the You: How to Own More of You, coming out in March 2022, and this blog is one of the components. My intention is to have a successful book launch and, thus, I’m doing all the preparation work in order for me to be on task according to my blueprint.

Here’s how you make one.

Take out a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 paper and a pencil or pen (not as big as your paper though). In the center, draw a small circle, about 3 inches by 3 inches. In that circle, write down an area of your life that you want to construct. It can be a relationship with your husband, exercise plan, cooking plan. Whatever you want to build.

Now, draw lines coming out from the center and ensure there is enough space in between lines in order for you to write down the details. Now, on each line write down the details that are crucial to that which you are building. If you are building a relationship with your husband, perhaps you write down “communication.” Don’t worry about having everything perfect, it’s your map so you can go back, edit as necessary and fill it in with more luscious detail. Then you continue in ABC format, going to the next line with another detail and so on until you have a complete blueprint.

You then use this as a focus tool and read it often, how often depends totally on you. You’re the leader of what which you want to build and transform so do it how you want to do it. ABC’s run up against challenges and so the ABC’s have to make corrections all the time. Just use “your” map as your guide and make corrections accordingly.

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