Holding to Your Truth

Deep inside is a longing to get to know your truth, your own adventure into uncovering the beliefs you held as others’ truth while, simultaneously, uncovering your own truth. For most of your life, you hold the truth which, rightfully, belongs to others, but you won’t know this. This is where your adventure begins into your own spell-bound belief arena.

It’s a decision that only you can make. Do you accept the challenge into your own life adventure?

Not everyone is doing this, it’s not a popular trend. It’s only when you hear your own bid which calls out your name to be chosen. So, accepting the internal challenge and it WILL be a challenge, you will be led to various people, messages, symbols, signs and activities, etc. along your way and it’s your questions which will open what is “truly” here. The challenge WILL be painful.

You’re on a quest to bring up your own truth, to try it on for size, see how it fits you as you give away the truth belonging to others. You won’t know your truth right away because if you’ve worn the truth from others and it’s been comfortable, you won’t want to let go…..even though you say you’re comfortable. Holding on is “seemingly” comfortable. The surface comfort can never be a match for what’s underneath. For what is underneath is discomfort, that is the stirring.

It’s a clear understanding what is, rightfully, your possession and what is not. You’ve been possessed by a ton of beliefs and through your quest, you will see and acknowledge them, and also, consciously, put them back where they belong. Rightful owners will be all along your journey.

So, if you want to get to your own truth, you WILL have to feel the discomfort for that is where your own truth is hidden. It’s not going to be in plain sight, your truth will be through your anger, sadness, grief, guilt….all the forsaken to appear comfortable. You go through the forsaken to get to your truth.

Like I said, it will be a challenge, but if you feel this stirring in the muck of your life, you are in the midst of the uncovering. Keep going and connect with others who are doing the same. As you share your challenges, you will also be processing your voice, your feelings which is where more of your truth is hidden. Truth is never-ending so don’t look at it as once you’ve found it, you no longer need to be questing because in the next moment is more unfolding of your truth. What happens is you know this is the way it is so no “need” to do anything but let your conscious life unfold.

As you learn to work with how life is, then you become curious like the natural curiosity of a child. You ground yourself in curiosity and ask, “What does this mean? Can you show me more?”

This is creation, your own creation, always growing, always developing, always evolving.

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