Grounded, Safe and Protected

I use this mantra, “I am grounded, safe and protected,” on a regular basis. It helps me focus on my deep roots to Mother Earth, who provides ALL that I need.

When we were children, we didn’t always feel safe and protected. There were many people and experiences that materialized that led us to feel unsafe. We were feeling the dynamics in our family unit where we were learning more than we were “developmentally” ready for. No one taught us how to talk about what we were seeing and hearing, to navigate these “true” feelings so we hid them, until we could be “developmentally” ready to understand how unsafe we “truly” feel/felt. I didn’t feel safe, I thought I was born to protect my mom from my dad and also protect my dad from drinking alcohol.

That’s what I believe is happening for us, adults, now. We are uncovering the aspects of our child selves who decided to protect us with hiding, hiding from our feelings of being unsafe. It was the only way that was known at that time. Safety and protection are paramount to someone being “real.” If she doesn’t feel safe, she will hide to protect herself, this is very real for her. There is a child present and as we understand this, we can be gentle with the process of coming out from hiding.

I want to talk about the “unsafe” connection with the grade school shootings in Texas. Those children, who understood that hiding in some form, was going to protect them, lived. They understood on some level that this was necessary. Hiding does protect you in those arenas where you feel unsafe. The “real” symbolism is here.

With understanding, you can move with ALL of your inner children in the awareness of safety and you will understand when you want to hide and who is, actually, here, hiding. A child is never wrong for hiding, just be aware of why you are reluctant to be seen and have an inner dialogue. It warrants deep inner and outward counseling in a safe environment.

You can be that safe environment in your moment to moment experience.

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