Giving Life

When you give life to something, you feel its life within you first. It’s a conscious life giving force, to be awake to what is occurring. That you are its Creator.

Giving life to emotions is you in your element. Emotions are elementary, that which is basic to your core. Humans are emotion-driven. If you try to go to the “advanced” level (really, there is no advanced level), you’ll be leaving the basic part of you behind. You can’t do life without your basics, but you will try. Someone told you that you need to get to the next level of your existence, BUT you can’t and you’ll die trying.

Feeling yourself into each moment is giving life to ALL that you are and will ever hope to be. You come back home to your basics in each moment so that you can integrate and move with ALL of you, basically, intact. You keep circling back to dialogue and feel each aspect’s needs as you move.

In this way, you’re acknowledging and recognizing the very basics of your life. This is how life is done. Life is not about “get ‘er done,” it’s about feeling your core as you’re doing while being awake. There are no accomplishments recognition other than this simple question, “Are you awake to you?”

This question always brings you back to this moment. For when you are nearing your end of life, what question would be most appropriate for you to ask, to understand your own existence and why you were here?

It’s your life and no one can give you the meaning to it, that’s something reserved just for you. Cultivate and nourish your own intuition because it answers why you were here.

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