Conversing in Each Step

What I would have wanted as a child is for my mom and dad to explain how life works, how they work with emotions as they move in each moment. I wanted an explanation so that I could understand how life moves in a meaningful and focused arena.

In looking at this “want,” I have been doing this more for myself in that I prepare my internal dialogue with everyone, ALL my inner children, so that we’re aware of our day and how we move within it.

Yesterday, my husband and I were preparing our home for its glamour shot photos from a professional photographer. We’re getting ready to sell our home and our realtor wanted to capture all of its highlights. We were in focused mode, making sure everything was clean, clutter free and ready. Much like we, humans, do when we’re preparing for photos to be taken of ourselves. Our home was getting the same focus.

So, I had a dialogue with ALL of me, explaining what we’re were doing and why we were doing it. I explained that we were going to be focused and if any of us needed a break or attention at any step of the journey, we could speak up. I said I would be checking in, asking questions, to see how we were doing. I knew that being tired was going to be part of the plan so I mentioned it and acknowledged it, I didn’t ignore it. It was such an interesting dialogue, one that set the intention or plan for how “we” were going to move.

I plan on utilizing this explanation dialogue each day because it feels ALL encompassing, ALL inclusive. It doesn’t leave anyone out or behind, it gives everyone freedom to express and voice when necessary. It’s my inner team who is with me every step of the way, I AM acknowledging them and how they contribute to my moving in each moment.

It feels grounded, captivating and loving to myself.

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