Cleaning Out, Consciously

Coming back to my Washington home, I have been in a cleaning mode. This means, I’ve been looking at items and touching them, analyzing their purpose in my life, at this time, and then making decisions to give them away. I have been saying things like, ‘I haven’t used you in over 5 years, it’s time to go to another home.”

It’s been a conscious cleaning, touching the past memories the items create. Allowing the memories to surface brings clarity so that understanding of why the item is here is carefully considered.

I had a dish platter of my mom’s, I touched this heirloom and had a conversation. I wanted to hold onto it for memory’s sake, but I hadn’t used it in over 10 years. I then asked, “Where is the memory of my mom?” The answer, “My mom is within me.” So, did I need to store an item in order to give me what I wanted? What did I really need?

This helped me move through the dish platter experience with clarity. My mom, who died in 1987, was in my brain capacity and power, I could touch her at anytime. I didn’t need the platter in order to do this. She was stored in my memories within me. The real need was experiencing her when I wanted to, to feel her anytime.

Conscious cleaning is very powerful because you “get to” hone in on your “true” home, where you’re located to access anything that you need. If you haven’t used something in over 5 years or whatever your time frame, it may be time to take a conscious look, touch it and feel it. Then determine your next step.

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