Authenticity Blog

Thank you for visiting my site. I have named my blog “Authenticity” because my intent is to live and speak from this platform.

For you see, a few years ago, I had a different kind of platform and blog, focused more on a theme of positivity and higher vibration. Even before my online presence, I had subscribed to this theme for many, many, years. I followed others who believed in this premise and, thus, my belief system was intact…..until shit happened.

What I didn’t realize, during the journey of my theme, is that I was running away from or escaping from that which wasn’t positive, that which I didn’t want to face. I didn’t realize that positivity and going higher was, actually, my addiction to escape into a reality that was unreal. Getting high is an addiction. I found that being religious moved into being spiritual, but I was never Tami. I lived under the umbrella of these two ideals, complete with teachers who postulated how to live within the boundaries of these ideals.

I never knew me, truly didn’t know me, living under my own umbrella and boundaries, which is tethered to the ground. I have un-Earthed and dug deep to uncover all that I didn’t want to know about me. I am learning how to face each moment as it comes, to truly live and belong to me. I will be sharing from my ideal platform, what I have learned through some serious shit. I deserve to be authentic and you, as a woman visiting my site, deserve to be in the presence of down-to-Earth, “dirty girl,” authentically rich, Tami.