About Tami

Writing is my transformational art…..

I was born in Ogden, Utah in 1955. I have always had a love for writing, starting in grade school at Mound Fort Elementary, but I didn’t own this talent. It took me a very long time to belong to it, and in order to belong, I needed to return to my childhood home in Ogden to retrieve many parts of me I left behind. I needed to own the fullness or wholeness of my story.

Circling back to my childhood home and facing all the excruciatingly painful parts has been the catalyst for my transformational growth and development, not only as a writer, but as a “whole” human being. My first book, Circling Back to Ogden coming out in 2022, speaks for the pain and what I have learned through it.

I’m very proud of me for owning my story, it is truly beyond any act of bravery and courage that I could envision. My intent is that you, as a very brave woman visiting my site, will see yourself through my story and see that your story has incredible value.

My relationships….

I have 1 very brave daughter and 2 equally brave granddaughters. I live in Nevada part time and Washington State part time with 1 amazing husband and 3 curious cats.

In Washington State, my neighbor is the Olympic National Park and Forest so my neighbors are magnificent trees. It is through my relationship and communication with trees that I am able to sense their rootedness and strong stance. They have taught me, as a human, that deep roots in the ground are required in order for my strong voice and standing my ground to be realized.

I’m a huge student of The Wizard of Oz since I started to watch it around 1960 when I was 5 years old. It came on the television in the spring time, once a year, and I looked forward to it with all the excitement of a child at Christmas time. In one segment towards the end, Glinda tells Dorothy that Glinda could have told Dorothy how to get home. She then relates one of my favorite quotes, “She (Dorothy) wouldn’t have believed me. She has always had the power, she had to discover it for herself.”

Your story is your relationship with you. It is your inner super power, discover it and wear your story well.