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AS Your New Earth, a New Energy, a New Collective You, unfolds, t-here will BE Infinite circumstances THAT will call for Your attention AS to how/Who You want to respond….the first responder.  The OWN-ly thing You can control IS Who IS responding.

ALL circumstances are here for Your Intelligent response even if the circumstances “appear” to BE unintelligent……They’re actually highly Intelligent.  It’s You, Who IS observing Them, t-herefore, They must BE Intelligent.  Thus, It’s the internal/eternal You, the Highly Intelligent You, Whom You will emBODY AS You go forth, call forth, in Your REAL-ity. Continue reading

She Fell into My Heart

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When You enVISION ALL Who are here on Your journey, especially the ONES You are closest to, You may feel Them differently AS You are aware of Your OWN heart space.  It’s such a beautiful time in Your OWN evolution, in Your OWN existence, to come to THIS space and kNOW THAT ALL are here to help You grow into Your OWN.  Your relationship with Them IS out of THIS world. 🙂

My granddaughter’s two year birthday party was last week, and It was fun to watch her inner/interact with her little friends.  AS I watched two year olds at PLAY, I laughed at the emotions PRESENT AS They entered into different experiences with toys.  They certainly were exploring Their world through the new experiences, and letting Them unfold. 🙂 Continue reading

Celebration of Life

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T-here IS some”thing” so powerful when I listen to music, some”thing” THAT IS indescribable.  I have a place in My bedroom THAT I call My cocoon, which IS My comfy lounge chair and I wrap MySelf up in My blankie and write from THAT place.  AS I’m writing, I listen to music from the New Age channel.  I get in such a welcoming space THAT some”thing” comes over Me and words simply fly out on the page, and It appears THAT I’m not writing Them….They are writing ThemSelves.

When My husband enters My space, he interprets the music AS some”thing” THAT would BE PLAYed at a Celebration of Life.  Some how the Celebration of Life has turned into a celebration for Joe, a character THAT has been Created for our deLIGHTful benefit.

My husband has such a wonderful sense of humor, and will say, “Dear Friends, Family, Neighbors, We are gathered to celebrate the life of THIS wonderful man, Joe.”  Then We both add some”thing” deLIGHTful about Joe, and then both belly laugh through the You-logy.  We keep It going for however long We want. 🙂 Continue reading

Crayola Your Moment

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When You consider THAT You are a culmination of ALL THAT You have been, ALL THAT You are, then You may consider THAT using crayons to describe YourSelf IS very colorful! You are an art FORM…..beautiful artwork on display for You to see YourSelf in ALL the colors of the rainbow.

When You look at Your so-called past in linear terms, You are OPENing up a portal from which to look at It NOW.  The You, WHO IS NOW, fields the privilege to see what IS t-here from the Who THAT IS here.  What a treasure You are for looking. 🙂 Continue reading

Spending Up

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When You enVISION YourSelf AS a vibrant vibrational BEing, You may hear YourSelf making such beautiful music in each moment….and ALL “others” hear You AS well on Your BOOTY-full wavelength.  Your Collective Consciousness….ALL THAT You REAL-ly are….takes pleasure in You.  You, AS a physical aspect…the version You are NOW emBODYed….simply desire to BE in the pleasure zone with ALL THAT You REAL-ly are so EZ-SCHMEZIE IS REAL-EYESed.

When You spend money, You may consider THAT You are spending UP.  AS You emBODY THIS idea, You may sense THAT Your musical prowess IS taking notes and sending Them upward to the ONE Who provides….singing Your OWN “Happy and You kNOW It.”   Continue reading

And She Wrote to Please HerSelf

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When I write, t-here IS an energy THAT takes over…..BEcomes so FUN and FASCINATING to watch It unfold.  I utilize My intuition to guide Me and let ‘er rip. 🙂

If I think about an audience on the “other” end of My writing, I get confused and some thoughts may enter THAT say, “How will THIS BE perceived?  What will They think?”  If I stay centered in My heart space, then I write to please MySelf….OWN-ly.   It’s much simpler to BE in THIS aesthetically pleasing arena called Me and stay here. 🙂 Continue reading


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When You enVISION, the inner EYE of kNOWing, You may picture YourSelf spinning in a positive direction.  You are a circle in motion….shifting a gazillion times per second….and thus, You circle-ate You, AS a physical BEing….ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS in circle-ation.

When You hear mention of Your physical blood flow in line with circulation, You may ponder the similarities with how things may BE flowing positively….or not.  When You expand THIS notion THAT You circle-ate in each moment, You can “feel” Your OWN circle-ation occurring in You-nison with Who IS feeling.  🙂 Continue reading

Heart Symphony


T-here IS such radiance when You spin and color Your world exactly how You want It. THIS beautiful heart symphony PLAYs to Your OWN frequency of Who You are NOW, and You shift each moment to rePRESENT more of Who You REAL-ly are and Your entire culmination of BEing.  For each moment IS radiance in BEcoming….a never-ending flowing color of tapestry and connectedness…THAT OWN-ly Your heart kNOWs.

Thank You to My artsy friend, Rene DeAnda, Who Created THIS beautiful heart space picture to illustrate to BE kind and grow in our heart space of awareness.  You can look at more of Rene’s Creations at  🙂 Continue reading

Infinite Intelligence

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Many years ago, I remember listening to Deepak Chopra describe our cellular structure AS Infinite Intelligence.  Having said THIS, each cell IS whole unto ItSelf and, thus, It carries ALL Its Internal laws and operates accordingly to these laws.  It’s like our communities…..We have rules and laws from which We abide by to have an existence of cohesiveness.

When You enVISION Your Conscious body, You may tap into THIS Intelligence just by virtue of awareness.  In THIS way, You enVISION Your community of cells abiding by a “whole” set of Intelligent laws and You tune into It…..It’s wire tapping at Its BEST.  🙂  AS You engage with THIS communication, You are aware of the expanded You and how You operate to have an existence of cohesiveness.   Continue reading

Translator of LOVE

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When You enVISION, inner VISION, YourSelf AS LOVE, HAPPY, POSITIVE, You will BE embrasive….not abrasive….to view Your world accordingly.  You LIVE/LOVE intuitively and will BE the translator when some”thing” appears AS unfit.

When some”ONE” speaks an”other” language, and requires an interpreter to relay the message, THIS interpreter steps into the role so THAT ALL IS understood…..effortlessly.  It takes space for THIS to happen so ALL parties ALLOW THIS space because what IS most important IS BEing able to communicate.    Continue reading