The Calm Eye

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It’s interesting to view the hurricanes and see them AS beautiful, spinning chakra systems. THIS said, My husband and I were having a conversation about Them, and he said, “Did You kNOW THAT the eye of the hurricane IS completely calm?”  I didn’t REAL-EYES THIS, and It’s fascinating to view the hurricanes with the perspective I AM NOW, and drawing ALL energies to reflect Who I AM NOW.

So if I AM CALM, then ALL My surrounding energy…..the swirling mass of energy…..will spin in direct correlation to THAT which I AM focused.  If I see beauty…..bringing ALL into balance….then I AM a spinning helper to mySelf first AS a first responder, then ALL will respond to My CALM and clear viewing center.  I move accordingly AS a crystalline, powerful energy system….ALL intact. 🙂 Continue reading

OPEN Heart, Insert LOVE

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It’s interesting to ponder THAT You don’t kNOW what serves some”ONE” else in THAT You don’t kNOW the depth of what some”ONE” else IS learning.  It’s not for You to kNOW….too much information THAT You would have to keep track of. 🙂

You OWN-ly kNOW THAT Your heart IS OPEN and allow ALL others to accept Your OPEN-ness and LOVE AS You Create and Receive in You-nison.  Some”ONE” may share what he or she IS learning through Your OPEN heart, and THAT’s REAL-ly FUN when THAT happens. 🙂 Continue reading

LOVE IS ALL Around You

An Orb visiting Me in my bedroom….LOVE how It shined in Its message…..

AS You OPEN up more and more into Who You truly are in ALL Your radiance, You will have more experiences to witness THIS OPENing of You.  You will define how each moment IS the mirror image of You, and thus, You define the experiences to re-PRESENT Who You are in THIS definition.

THIS IS Your defining moment…..define It AS You wish re-PRESENTing radiant LIGHT and Your ability to grow radiant BEings everyw-here You are, everyw-here You go….OPEN Says Me.  🙂 Continue reading

Eclipse Afterglow

These LIGHT energies were seen on Our home camera a week after the eclipse….

T-here IS an eclipse afterglow effect in Your midst…..feeling the deLIGHT of the LIGHT energies within You, and these Conscious effects will continue.  For when You are Consciously aware, then You can paint any picture You like… It what You like….AS You identify the “positive” ways in which Your body IS assimilating Its natural LIGHT Source.

AS You embrace the language of LIGHT….words and feelings THAT are so enriching, soothing and LIGHT-felt….and use It to talk to Your body….You’ll BE able to shed LIGHT, shine LIGHT, on any symptoms You may BE experiencing.  You draw from the LIGHT the Conscious awareness of symptoms like never before…..culminating cellular frequencies AS They gather ALL of You in THIS space and time.  You can’t draw from Them from any physicality for They are drawn from Higher frequencies of non-physical, conceived in Higher frequencies, and THIS IS w-here You must go to have “direct” access to what may BE occurring for You. 🙂  Continue reading

Bloom Who and Where You Are

Yet an”other” radiant photo taken during the eclipse of You…..feels like Glinda arrived to paint a picture of Your OWN massive expansiveness….LOVE mirroring! 🙂

You may hear many conversations about energy centers around the world, and ONE of Them BEing Sedona, Arizona.  THIS said, many have felt a calling to move to Sedona because of what It offers to Them electromagnetically.  I’ve had some deLIGHTful internal conversations with respect to energy centers of the Earth, and I asked, “Won’t the Earth BE tilted out of Its orbit if every”ONE” moves to Sedona?” 🙂

I never felt THAT calling to move from w-here I AM physically located….a location (longitude/latitude) on a map…..but rather I was BEing called to “Bloom Who You are and W-here You are planted. You are Your OWN energy center providing much deLIGHT to ALL….Bloom w-herever You find YourSelf physically on Your map and communicate from here. You are Your OWN crystal FORM in Earth, on Earth, of Earth.  In each moment, Bloom, radiant BEing.” 🙂 Continue reading

Your Transition

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Recently, my friend, Brian, emailed me about the transition of his dad.  Brian wrote a beautiful, in-depth, message of how he was PRESENT with his dad during his transition and also wrote some humorous memories of experiences with his dad.  It was such a deLIGHTful unfolding of Me to read and re-read, and immerse mySelf beyond the words.  I LOVE how My OWN transition occurs when I give mySelf to the experience…..going beyond what IS written. 🙂

THIS IS My response to Brian….a delicate and gracious unfolding of Me to witness “the more” which transpires…… Continue reading

Eclipse of You

Yesterday was quite an electromagnetic phenomena w-here You got to experience the You-niqueness of Your eclipse according to Your OWN non-physical location.  It was the most beautiful illustration of walking in My OWN confidence of what I intended to experience.  My husband had made a sort of viewing tool….looking in a box with the sun at Your back to see the reflection in the box so THAT You could protect Your eyes….look away from the LIGHT.  I initially looked through the box, but then My experience was through a pin hole, and I wanted more. 🙂

After getting out of My OWN box, (SMILE) I turned towards the sun and began taking pictures upon pictures of the sun and ALL Its cooperative components of LIGHT.  I couldn’t believe ALL the different colors and arrays of LIGHT BEings giving us a LIGHT show like no other.  My husband said, “Don’t look directly at the sun.”  And I said, “I’m having a blast looking at the sun and what It IS offering Me….I’m good.”  My husband eventually joined Me, albeit from behind his box, and took the picture above….from up above…..I have never looked so radiant. 🙂 Continue reading

Field of Pure Potentiality

I recently took THIS photo on My journey to dis-covering more.  In THIS synchronicity AS I wrote about birthing a LOVE garden, THIS beautiful, colorful, electromagnetic, potted plant revealed ItSelf to Me.  It said, “THIS IS a beautiful illustration in how You want Your LOVE garden to look.  Take My picture.”  So I stopped and sat with It for a while. T-here IS a field of pure potentiality in each moment….some”thing” THAT has pure potential awaiting You to focus and notice It. 🙂

It helps Me to have a visual in My brain, in My mind’s eye, so THAT I keep focused on the Higher wavelength AS I move in each moment of the day.  It provides a snap shot so THAT AS I’m with My moment, and I remember what My focus IS.

Continue reading

I AM Growing Radiant BEings

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AS You grow into Who You truly are, You will automatically grow radiant BEings to join You. Similar to growing a garden, You are growing Your thoughts, Your relationships, Your environment to mirror Who IS radiating.  You are OPEN channels of the Majesty…..majestic, true nature…and thus, You can’t help but see THAT each BEing You inner/interact with IS a spark of the Divine….lit up with beautiful, colorful, swirling energy.

AS You awaken each cell to say, “Join Me, Radiant BEing,” You are awakening and coming alive to witness Your OWN birth, Your natural birth, unfolding.  I LOVE the mantra, “I AM expecting LOVE” in concert with “I AM growing radiant BEings.”  It feels delicious to speak in THIS way.  THIS frequency allows language which IS conducive…..Highly conductive….to support and maintain the frequency of choice.  Continue reading