Familial-arity of Oneness

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In Your so-called continual state of BEing in each moment, You may notice THAT surrendering IS happening….giving in to THAT Who “truly” facilitates THIS space.  You may also dis-cover THAT Your family of physicality gives way for a greater familial-arity in THAT Your family comprises a much greater BODY than You have trained YourSelf to have. Your patterns are changing and UPlifting Your “idea” of every”ONE” and every”thing” surrounding You.  You are soooo “physically” fit to contain It ALL. 🙂

In THIS way, ALL Who enter Your space are considered Your “Soul” family.  Thus, You don’t get attached to Your physical family AS They are simply a re-PRESENT-ation of those Who enter Your space and, Who may stay a REAL-ly, REAL-ly long time….even over-staying Their welcome. 🙂

Yet, AS Your “Soul” family, They are the ONES Who You decided to teach You some very power-filled lessons…THAT’s why They hang around so long…..and They live UP to these lessons full-filling You UP repeatedly…and then some.  🙂  Continue reading

The Great Facilitator

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When You BE-AM Your OWN recognition of You AS The Great Facilitator….the GREAT ONE….You may KNOW YourSelf AS the BEing of LIGHT….BE-AM of LIGHT… from which you facilitate LIGHT to every”ONE” and every”thing” on Your path.  When You feel YourSelf AS LIGHT, ALL who spin in You-nison in Your electromagnetic field are LIGHT-er AS well.

People will feel LIGHT-er and UPlifted AS You expose Your “true” Self to Them. You LIGHT-en the way in Your OWN enLIGHTenment activities….flowing LIGHT from ONE active BEing, from ONE activity, to an”other.”  🙂

THIS focused array/a ray of pulsing energy aligns you with the electromagnetic field of Earth, and thus, you orient YourSelf to Your purpose, Your truth, Your natural Consciousness.  You flow AS ONE magnificent BEing, and You say, “THIS IS how I want to feel ALL the time. Let Me feel these currents in Collective Consciousness, and let It flow.   Continue reading

Timeless PLAY Brings Creation

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You are a Creator…forever and ever…and then some more….and in Your OWN capacity, You determine and focus w-here Your Creativity abounds.  T-here are ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS FUN surprises in the midst because You are the center of these surprises. You bring Them to You, through You, for You, and pop Them through Your hologram so They can BE physically PLAYed with.

AS You deSIGN Your You-niverse PLAYfully….full of PLAY….You will bring more people, conditions, situations in which to emBODY Your sense of PLAY.  Your idea of FUN IS at the forefront of You…..looking for more FUN and artistically focusing Your moment to give way to Your Heightened senses:  “What are You looking for?  I”m looking for more FUN. You?” 🙂 Continue reading

The Space of Time

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When time IS measured in terms of Who You are, You may experience THIS measurement AS an aspect or version of You, Who wants to explore the adventure in time.  Time, and Its measurement….ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS measuring…thereof, gives You the idea of separation….separating YourSelf from Who You REAL-ly are….so THAT You can have the adventure of a life-time, and REAL-ly explore time in ALL Its You-nique facets of You.

When You don’t notice time and experience ALL THAT You do AS a simultaneous ONE-dance, You kNOW THAT You are right w-here You need to BE….ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS. You probably have had the experience of BEing lost in time…..having so much FUN with what You were “doing” THAT time wasn’t noticed….You didn’t “need” to notice It.  It wasn’t necessary to Your experience to notice It.    Continue reading

So Goes the Flow

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T-here IS an inner flow which gives direction from the heart space…..the space w-here ALL activity IS orchestrated from a Higher perspective.  The brain or mind cannot kNOW the Higher perspective and how ALL THAT IS AS a life force is lined UP to BE in the natural state of giving and receiving AS ONE simultaneous flowing motion.  The heart kNOWS and asks You, the persona, to join in the orchestration from Your heart-felt awareness.

Your flow IS an awareness from the orchestrated space and You give rise to THIS awareness in Its “true” majestic nature.  When You are given a directive from THIS Higher awareness, You feel It like It’s simply natural for You to BE so-called “doing” some”thing.”

Yet, the action or the doing IS Your shifting awareness….You simply shift, and dis-cover THAT You are in a parallel REAL-ity w-here You are living out Your action piece/peace in each moment. You are the “actual” living and breathing physical apparatus, which follows through.  🙂 Continue reading

Your Pivotal Moment

T-here IS a pivotal moment…..ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS….which can lead You to the most hilarious moment if You trust in Its leading. THIS said, I cannot hear the word, “pivot” without thinking of Friends.  I LOVE…. just by the sheer thought of some”thing” or someONE…THAT I will BE led and It will unfold Me to a heightened state of belly laughter because laughter IS Its focus….but I don’t kNOW THIS until It happens, I happen upon It.  🙂 Continue reading

Vibrating Electromagnetic Waves

Mt. Ellinor, Olympic Mountains

You kNOW on a hot summer day and You’re driving down an asphalt road, You may encounter wavy lines dancing on the road.  Having said THIS, in the last few days, These vibrating electromagnetic waves have been PRESENT and I’ve been able to see Them through My telescope.  You cannot see Them in THIS picture…or mayBE You can….but the waves are PRESENT.   It’s been fun to experience….along with Their message.

You are variations of LIGHT, Infinite vibrating frequencies of LIGHT….ALL vibrating at different rates.  You may not see Them, but They are t-here…..ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS.  They will make ThemSelves kNOWn to You at the NOW time, and in Your evolutionary journey, You may BE aware of Them in relationship to You, Who IS the ever-expanding NOW.  🙂 Continue reading

Variations of LIGHT

A few days ago, I got to PLAY with the moon glow….looking at It through a telescope and snapping pictures.  I LOVE PLAYing photographer and PLAYing with the LIGHT.  It appears THAT LIGHT IS ALL We are, and thus, It appears AS many facets of ALL We are AS Our You-niverse (ONE verse).  The moon was spectacular and also the variations of LIGHT THAT appeared were spectacular AS well.  AS I shifted, the variations shifted to reveal more of Me, of ALL.

For the many variations of LIGHT THAT showed UP through the telescope invited Me to see illustrations THAT I LOVE to call embryos, cells and colorful chakra systems.  It appeared THAT It was My mirror to illustrate Me in ALL the FORMs of the ONE verse. Continue reading

You’re Going to Disneyland

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Life IS so fascinating…..absolutely fascinating.  When a thought or memory of a so-called past event comes in THAT provides a REAL-ity to come forth, You give YourSelf permission to BE with It, BE PRESENT with It, in the way THAT serves You NOW.  If You feel THAT You are separate from It, It appears to give You Your idea of separation from YourSelf, and the result of “struggle” AS if You are the “separated at birth” appearance of You.  You are “struggling” with THIS birth…..give her some drugs, please! 🙂

You are giving birth to the idea of You in THAT so-called memory, and You get to decide how THAT memory serves You NOW…what kind of birth do You want to have NOW? It appears to give You a singularity of existence….like You are singular in THAT memory….not connected to Your “true” multidimensional nature.  It’s as if THAT memory IS flowing through You with ALL sorts of nuances….kicking and screaming….and It’s the cause of Your frustration.  🙂

Yet, t-here’s more…… Continue reading

Give Way/Give A-Way

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When You sponsor a give a-way in which You share a portion of YourSelf, You might consider THAT You are sponsoring YourSelf, giving way/giving a-way LIGHT THAT You are….leaving the LIGHT on wherever You are.  When You consider Your “true” Self, You are energy, an illumination of LIGHT, at Your core. Thus, AS You are the Source of LIGHT, You are essentially giving a-way….giving way….LIGHT to everyONE You come in contact with.

Similarly to what You may have heard before in context of cleaning up a space You’ve occupied…..You’re leaving Your OWN space a little better than when You just left It….and You keep expanding upon THIS enLIGHTening idea. 🙂

Yet, It IS through “others” THAT allows Your OWN brilliance to BE accepted.  Without the “others,” which includes Your thoughts and beliefs, You could not see Your brilliance for They serve AS the mirror for Your OWN reflection to BE REAL-EYESed.  SomeONE has to hold UP the mirror, right? 🙂 Continue reading