S’Mores Vibration

THIS bowl of everything IS in Our guest bathroom and I LOVE to look at It and feel It each time I enter Its/My space…It’s delicious to Me.  It allows Me to BE exactly Who I AM and give MySelf My OWN permission to BE everything and taste My OWN magical worthiness AS I venture into Its/My Center.  Through the heart center IS every”thing” imaginable if You believe, but first, You have to find Your OWN center in order to find the center of every”thing” and every”ONE” else….THAT’s how life responds and supports You….center to center.  Life support any”ONE?”

I had an awareness yesterday w-here I sensed the Greater Me providing a message while I was PRESENT with My luscious bowl….You can go anywhere right NOW, w-here would You like to go….It’s Your everything at Your disposal.  Simply Believe, Dream, Create and vibrate w-here You want to go and BE t-here energy-tically so I did and I felt tremendously delectable.  🙂 Continue reading

The Art of Acceptance

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It appears THAT You spin Your life in THIS abyss which holds You in acceptance….in alignment with….or resistance with….ALL which appears.  When You can center YourSelf and kNOW THAT You are the rePRESENTative of ALL THAT appears in each moment by Your OWN deSIGN, then You can transFORM YourSelf to accept You in Infinite FORMS.

THIS IS the pure art of magic AS You, the magician, because the magician’s intention IS to get You to “accept” the miraculousness of what You are seeing.  Otherwise, what IS the point?  If You don’t “accept,” then the magician’s career IS complete.  Yet, REAL-ly, the magician IS OWN-ly You in a FORM giving You Your OWN perFORMance through an experience.  Continue reading

Bridge in Consciousness

T-here IS a Conscious awareness occurring in a huge way, and in THIS awareness are the You’s, Who are awakened to the Inner kNOWing, and You speak in concert, in connection, to ALL Who You are.  It IS a liberation which speaks to You, the physical, providing a bridge in Consciousness by which You can readily travel to any and ALL other You’s, Who are currently living out THAT which You desire in e-harmony.

THIS picture of a bridge captivates Me every time I walk by It AS It hangs in My hallway to everyw-here. 🙂 Continue reading

OWN Your Enthusiasm

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AS You begin to BE aware THAT ALL life IS You, Your OWN (Obvious Wavelength Network) Creation, You may allow YourSelf to BE emotions or feelings on a sustainable, regular basis, which You previously thought were reserved for just a few “select” moments in Your life.  “Oh, ya, I remember when I felt enthusiastic…..long ago….It was because of _____.” Perhaps You may “sense and feel” THAT deserving to BE Who You naturally and truly are IS here, IS NOW, and You can take full advantage of Your whole Self and feel enthusiastic about Your OWN curiosity….BE into You. 🙂

It’s interesting to perceive e-motions or feelings and put Them in a box reserved for special occasions….THAT You couldn’t possibly feel Them in each moment.  THAT each moment IS not a special occasion…THAT You are not special in Your OWN observance of You. Thus, You pull out the fine paper Chinet and use It for Your special occasion.   Continue reading

E-Magnetic Doing

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When You submit to YourSelf, the Greater You, the ONE Who IS ALL about Higher vibration and frequency, then You OPEN the electromagnetic (e-magnetic) gateway(s) which bring about You to Your world….”Hello World.”  You need no introductions AS ALL particles, which includes dust to dust, kNOW You, kNOW ALL about You, AS They are hereby crowned in e-LIGHT…and You kNOW ALL about Them.

Thus, You don’t have a life, You are life in ALL Its radiance components magically FORMulated AS You, and every”ONE” and every”thing,” which FORMulates Your world, can OWN-ly BE seen in mirrored radiance.  You, the physical, BEcome blended with the invisible You, the e-magnetic pathway(s) You, filled with a deLIGHTful array of color, and transmit THIS LIGHT to encompass….Your Inner compass pointed North….ALL Who are e-magnetic in THIS field of potential. Continue reading

A New Experience in Trust

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When You arrive in each moment, t-here will BE symbols and signs which will point back to You, the physical, to go deep and expand….ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS.  Each moment can BE a way in which You can AScertain….BE AS certain….THAT You are the way.  Thus, You, AS the non-physical, IS ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS providing for You, the physical, to adhere to the deeper and more expansive You….give way to THIS .  When You experience THIS level of trust, You will BE able to view each moment in a purely “trusting” fashion….You are very fashion-able. 🙂

T-here IS a road in which I travel frequently and on THIS road IS a billboard which says, “A New Experience in Trust.”  NOW, It also says on THAT billboard THAT It IS sponsored by a credit union.  Yet, when I simply look at the “face” value, the credit union, I cannot AScertain the deeper, more expansive, message AS I AM OWN-ly focused on the credit union.  T-here are deeper pathways, thoroughfares, networks, parallel REAL-ities, and such, right in Your midst if You choose to go t-here….beyond the face….connecting You to You. 🙂 Continue reading

AS the Phase OPENS

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AS You BEcome the phase which OPENs UP more and more of the natural You, the true You, You REAL-EYES THAT ALL IS OPEN space available for You to perceive and receive Your OWN inner JOY exactly how You intend/intended It.  You have NOW entered the phase of Your OWN REAL-ity show, AS the Phase OPENS, Your channel which IS readily available…It’s the channel with the most views.  Thus, You allow Your OWN Collective to facilitate and OPEN the moment and, You, the physical, simply glide in You-nison with the OPENing.  You, the physical, want to BE considerate of the OPENing, right? 🙂

It’s a Grand OPENing of sorts.  AS You let go and surrender to Who You are in the Grand scheme of things, You allow more and more of Your Grandeur to come into view….”View THIS particular moment, please!”  THIS Grandeur takes “true” focus and AS You can imagine, THIS available energy can take on and become Your “true” thoughts.  Because You are OPENing, THIS energy, which has ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS been but simply had not been available during Your Soul phase work, IS NOW effectively and efficiently You.  It IS not just a part of You, It IS You in full.  Continue reading

Where You Find YourSelf


I just returned from a trip to Las Vegas and what an astounding trip It was.  Before I left, I heard a message, “Do you want to experience more LOVE?”  I, the physical, don’t ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS kNOW what the messages entail because It IS a moment to moment shifting in Consciousness w-here I experience the message. “They” don’t give Me ALL the pre-planning awareness….”Here’s what You’ll experience at 10:02, and then at 10:04 BE ready for You kNOW what”…..dang Consciousness.  Thus, I AM on a journey of Self-discovery and It simply OPENS UP for me to explore and BE surprised with excitement. I can so-call plan ALL I want. 🙂

I do LOVE to put pictures UP along with My text, and yet, It was not intended to put UP pictures THAT I, the physical, thought “should” BE rePRESENTed.  So I found MySelf traveling through My gallery and Flat Stanley decided to BE rePRESENTed.  It makes Me, the physical, laugh AS I journey into MySelf and receive ALL of Me in-JOY.  Who kNOWS w-here We find OurSelves except here…the “true” North, the path of least resistance. 🙂 Continue reading

Your Highest Excitement

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I do LOVE the message from Bashar.  The Collective called Bashar has provided Infinite wisdom and understanding of how REAL-ity works and also provided “how to” implement changes, vibration-ALLY, in My life.  I resonate with so much THAT Bashar says…..It strikes a beautiful, harmonic cord. 🙂  Thus, BEcause It does strike an harmonic cord, It tells Me THAT THIS IS My highest excitement….writing THIS, sharing It and LOVing every moment of It.

Bashar teaches to find Your highest excitement in each moment.  Yet, You may have to come to Your OWN understanding and definition of the word, “excitement.”  We tend to think of excitement OWN-ly AS a jumping UP and down activity.  It can BE THIS too. Yet, Bashar defines excitement to BE: What feels most correct for You, what feels right for You, what Your gut tells You, whatever IS in alignment with Your highest Self LOVE. Basically, whatever “truly” resonates with You IS Your Highest excitement.   Continue reading

Infinite Array of Choices

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When You ponder THAT You are the Receiver and Perceiver AS the physical aspect of Self, Your role IS a beautiful ONE, and ONE THAT IS very essence-tial to ALL the colorful aspects of Self Who choose to come to PLAY at the level You are NOW.  AS You unfold, more and more of You are available to join in the FUN.

After ALL, It IS You, the physical, shifting YourSelf to REAL-EYES more and more of You Who have ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS been. It’s just NOW, You are able to “feel and sense” the energy THAT has ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS been.  You are waking UP! Continue reading