THIS IS a picture THAT IS hanging in My daughter’s garage, and It caught My attention…and I caught It with Me in My OWN HAPPY place….I caught It with JOY.  I LOVE living in the HAPPY wavelength and finding the treasures unfolding along the path of HAPPY-ness.

HAPPY comes in ALL sorts of packages awaiting You to OPEN Your portal of THIS moment and dis-cover Its fragrance, Its taste, Its touchy-feely, goosebumpy attributes.  IT LOVES delivering to You….spinning Your world to You….AS You REAL-EYES Your OWN frequency THAT IS deLIGHT-filled…….filled with da LIGHT. 🙂 Continue reading

Just A Thought A-Way

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When You consider THAT You are a power-filled thought mechanism…..the most power-filled thinking machine in existence…..You may consider THAT You are OWN-ly a thought away from absolute freedom….ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS.  T-here are a gazillion thoughts at Your disposal from which You can grab Your attention.  It IS up to You AS to what You give attention to to fuel Your machine.

You can use the analogy of two different wavelengths of thought.  Thus, when You consider THAT a thought has two sides to It just like a coin has two sides, and either side has the same value…doesn’t matter which side IS showing.  You’ll ALL-WAYS receive what You put out t-here….whichever side IS showing, and It does not matter.

It’s You THAT shows which side You are giving Your attention to….positive or negative…till thought do US part. 🙂 Continue reading

Remember When?

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It’s FUN to Create and Receive Your world according to Who IS PRESENT.  You can utilize “Remember When?”….and fill in the blank when a scary thought IS “telling on You”….telling You some”thing” THAT You kNOW You’re going to BE in trouble for. 🙂

But since Your thoughts are truly FREE floaters, You can shift Them to “Remember When You were the prettiest thing You ever did see?”  THIS helps shift Their focus to pure, positive energy w-here You are the reporter, reported and reportee….the vibration of pure, positive energy.  🙂 Continue reading

LOVE the ONE You’re With

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It’s fascinating to ponder food in the context of LOVE….I mean REAL, demonstrated LOVE….w-here You feel YourSelf alive in taking a morsel and putting It in Your mouth and You feel THAT aliveness in each moment of the digestion process.  It’s also fascinating to see YourSelf flip an awareness….from analyzing to LOVing.

For many years, I had an awareness THAT potatoes were bad for Me….some how those little taters would do bad things in My body….”Oh, They would taste delicious, but then They REAL-ly turn on You and BEcome REAL-ly bad taters and morph into sugars and ALL sorts of bad stuff, and wreak havoc on Your body….BEcome BIG tater monsters.” 🙂 Continue reading

Coding Infinite Intelligence

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AS Infinite Intelligence, You are innately coded to BE THIS Intelligence…….God Intelligence. When You are aware of Your OWN coding…..ALL of You…..AS You entertain THIS Intelligence, You will expand and go further into the unlimited AS You emBODY It. Recently, a Verizon ad popped in, which spoke to THIS: “Unlimited is only as good as the network it’s on.” 🙂

You are ALL-READY coded…..You were written eons ago……and AS You are aware of THIS, You will make YourSelf kNOWn.  You are “a code of conduct”…..electromagnetically conducting YourSelf to BE aware of Your LIGHT codes, Your PLEASURE codes, which ALL-READY exist and have existed for LIGHT years.  Continue reading

Changing History

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Life IS such a beautiful, poetic nature of unfolding ways to look at life.  AS I contemplate the New-ness of Me in ALL aspects, Infinite messages appear so THAT I can take the “first” look.  AS I explore hi-story….the story of Me in relationships….It certainly possesses an aliveness which beckons Me further….come further, come further, come further.  People will appear and say things so THAT the “come further” IS truly seen in ALL Its Majestic power.

Exploration IS absolutely incredible because You’re ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS expanding further. You’re ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS seeing things through New Eyes and marveling at Your OWN expanding awareness.  It’s truly beautiful to BE grateful for Your OWN Infinite awareness….wherever, whoever, You are. 🙂 Continue reading

Law of Revision

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T-here are Internal/Eternal laws of Your You-niverse, and AS You abide by Them, You will dis-cover Your OWN Infinite power, and life will BE Infinitely satisfying.  It’s interesting THAT You may BE thinking of external laws to abide by, and so You pay a lot of attention to these….must obey the laws.

Yet, when You consider Your OWN Infinite abiding power, It births ItSelf first in Consciousness.  You are Consciousness first and foremost….THIS IS w-here to spend Your concentration, Your focus.  ALL else, the external, lines up by virtue of Your Internal/Eternal focus. Continue reading

This IS for Me!

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When You consider THAT ALL Your life revolves around You….for You, by You, through You, around You, surround You.  You are the delicious center which activates and spins Your world, and Your holographic world responds by virtue of how You feel about You.

It’s ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS going to BE between You and You….the non-physical You and the physical You.  You AS the physical allow YourSelf to perceive the expansion THAT IS happening in each moment by virtue of Your physicality…..You’ll ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS BE expanding.

The non-physical You IS ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS ONE with Your desire, and thus, It’s OWNly the physical You, Who IS consistently PLAYing catch up to feel THAT You are ONE.  You may feel ONE for a certain period of time, and then “BAM”…..not REAL-ly feeling It.  THIS IS Your awareness THAT You have just expanded and NOW It’s time to feel Your expansion. 🙂 Continue reading

Promoting Thought

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Thoughts are wonderfully powerful AS They are the energy THAT provides LIGHT if You choose the thoughts which promote what You want.  If You want LIGHT-enhancing properties, then You must have Internal/Eternal properties which produce LIGHT….the LIGHT comes from You. 🙂  Properties are not found “out-there.”

If You are Self-promoting, You may consider THAT Your thoughts are Self-promoting AS well because They aren’t separate from You.  If You have a negative response, It’s not the “out-there” which IS promoting the the negative response.  You have a thought which IS promoting the negative response to the “out-there.” Thus, You have to go to the Source to flip the switch. 🙂 Continue reading

Always Leave Inspired

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It’s FUN when You allow Your life to flow with inspiration in the center….the nice, creamy delicious center which IS You.  You’re ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS inspired, and yet, You may not REAL-EYES It because the physical You has an agenda and wants to cross It off Your never-ending list.  T-here are things to get done, right?  You’re just after getting ‘er done. 🙂

Yet, the non-physical You doesn’t work according to the physical You agenda.  It takes into consideration the learning and growth from a “whole” level and will conduct ItSelf with pulses in You so THAT You take advantage of the “whole” level.  It will pulse You….or lovingly “shock” You… into a direction which will not necessarily BE direct, according to the physical You.  But the pulse IS a direct hit. 🙂 Continue reading