Living Your Heart Center Sessions

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The year of 2017 will BE the moment in which Your heart center will BE the source of ALL THAT You are.  Awareness IS ALL THAT You require for THIS earth journey experience, and awareness of Your center, Your heart, will NOW lead Your journey.  When You are in Your heart, conducting from Your heart, You shift easily and ALL cooperative components support You, BEcome You….in ONE EZ flowing motion.

It’s an evolutionary threshold THAT IS here to emBODY Your entire BEing….heart, brain, body, Soul…..and ALL THAT IS.  THIS moment holds the awareness THAT You, Your non-physical-ness, the expansive part of You, which transmits from Your heart center, will BE the central force, the central flow, from which You engage with each moment.

Thus, THIS transFORMational awareness allows You to perceive THAT You are ONE connected framework of existence, and will now consider Your “entire” body of awareness and only move from THIS place of BEing AS You “communicate” AS a whole.

Your heart vibrates electromagnetic energy, It pulses, It feels, and thus, You, the physical, will NOW focus on Your transMISSION of vibration, and will shift accordingly when You are out of Your heart center.  You will assess Your vibration in each moment, and make a choice from here.  Because You are a new person in each moment, You shift YourSelf to an ALL-READY Created New Earth w-here You vibrate at the level of receptivity.  Thus, You can, at any moment in Your own awareness, shift to a version of You, who vibrates the frequency THAT IS most conductive and expansive.

In Your own evolution AS You begin to feel the light from Your Soul through Your “soft” crown chakra AS It lights Its way to the heart, You will receive JOY, HAPPY, FUN, PLAYFUL in Your entire cellular structure. In turn, You will only radiate THIS unconditional, overflowing dialogue outward to every”ONE” and ALL THAT IS.  AS You are HAPPY, Your “doing” will only BE HAPPY….a perfect wavelength made in Heaven, in You.  Every”ONE” IS sitting in Your heart space right NOW awaiting Your own awareness of THIS transmission.

THIS allows You to shift in each moment AS an harmonic BEing.  Leading from Your heart may appear to BE a very different octave of experience….a higher octave and You will feel It in direct proportion.  It’s ONE THAT whole-heartedly resonates with ALL THAT IS….”THIS feels REAL-ly, REAL-ly good.”  In THIS experience, You will “feel” the goosebumps from THAT electromagnetic energy and will only want to stay in THIS resonance/residence.  BE Your HAPPY place and conduct Your business from here. 🙂

When You, ALL of You, live from Your heart, BE Your heart, You will feel and KNOW the non-physical and unconditional LOVE THAT exists in each moment.  You will emBODY a new, heart-felt language.  THIS electromagnetic resonance will BE felt here and everywhere ALL at once, and You may feel, sense and know LOVE and HAPPY like You’ve never known It before on a sustainable….new normal….endless wavelength.

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I love small group settings, and would love to share our electromagnetic energy together on the telephone or Skype.  If THIS setting resonates with You, and You would like to gather a few people in the comfort of Your HAPPY living space, contact me.

One hour: $150.00.  Contact me at to set up a HAPPY space from which we ALL benefit.


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