About Me

I’m a Spiritual Teacher who honors this moment for ALL THAT It IS.  My journey has taken, and continues to take, many different paths ALL circling back to the ONE leading this journey.

As a young girl in the 1950’s and 60’s, my dad had a great impact on my life.  He was a massage therapist, who taught me how to communicate with the earth, speak to stones, listen to Your body, importance of touch….many elements to his teaching.

In 1984 when I was 28 years old, I had a (NDE) near death experience or (MDE) multidimensional experience when I was six months pregnant with my daughter.  This experience showed me a peace beyond words…..that there was an expansive world in which life was happening, and the multidimensional experience allowed me this expansive view.  I don’t believe in death in the way that our brain thinks of death…..I believe that we will always exist and that we transition or transform in each moment.

After I had the multidimensional experience, I did not want to stay here….I wanted to go to that place where there was no pain whatsoever….no recognition that pain even existed. Yet, here I was experiencing such tremendous pain over and over again.  Over the years….many, many years….I was led to grow into my own awareness of my eternal existence.  Time is a different octave in the multidimensional realms and it does not matter what time it is….years could be a split second recognition…and yet ALL NOW. 🙂

In this awareness, I began to see that I kept wanting to leave my body, and yet, the Collective Conscious communication was demonstrating that it required my body as a vehicle to experience ALL THAT IS.  As I began to be aware of this expanded communication, I started to embody my experiences “moment to moment”…..feeling my entire body (brain, heart, body, Soul) with my heart center leading the experience.  Thus, I’m gleaning the communication to stay here for I am LOVING BEING here.  

My awareness is incorporating the sense of such incredible expansiveness….everywhere all at once….and integrating this idea and sensing it as a wholeness as my body of awareness. This said, I’m feeling “LOVE” in such an expanded way….a “LOVE” that is a different octave of experience…and this LOVE continues to unfold and expand.  🙂

Piglet:  Pooh, how do you spell LOVE?

Pooh:  Piglet, you don’t spell LOVE, you feel it!




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