The Field of You

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When an aspect appears which focuses on wrong doing, You can realign to embrace THAT t-here IS a field beyond or between right doing and wrong doing.  Right doing or wrong doing IS OWN-ly a thought or belief Created in Your OWN field.  It REAL-ly doesn’t exist AS tangible….You can’t touch It….It’s OWN-ly a FORMless mist.  It can OWN-ly BE experienced.

It’s an ethereal space in Your imagination w-here ALL exists AS an Infinite field of possibilities.  It IS boundless AS It IS w-here You come FROM in the Higher realms of Infinite wisdom.  It doesn’t mean THAT things are not going to appear for You, which You may not have wanted.  Yet, in THIS field IS a beautiful Higher Collective demonstrating on behalf of the Collective for many things to BE REAL-EYESed.  

Recently, I got to visit with fear, a very deep fear.  I hadn’t REAL-EYESed ALL THAT was BEing PRESENT for me AS I faced It.  THIS fear has to do with My daughter and granddaughter.  For You see, My daughter gave birth to My granddaughter 3 1/2 years ago, and her birth was an extraordinary event w-here My daughter, Who was six months pregnant, had a seizure and was airlifted to a hospital in Seattle.  It was touch and go for a short time for My daughter, and then she was able to be stabilized to give birth to My granddaughter at 1 lb. 11 oz .  I have written about this before, and yet, It was FROM a different aspect space w-here I supported THIS event through My “true” heart…or so I thought.

NOW, I see w-here fear was PRESENT at the time, but It didn’t want to BE ackNOWledged….like a spiritual bypass for safe keeping.  I said, “Nope, I’m OWN-ly going to come from My heart space. I’m heart-centered.”  So I didn’t feel ALL those feelings watching My daughter and watching My granddaughter struggle in the NICU.  Then watching ALL the struggles UP to THIS point.

Over the course of these 3 1/2 years, I have been afraid to feed My granddaughter, Emery, because she’s on a feeding tube.  My daughter did train Me, but I still wasn’t comfortable….actually, I was downright fearful.  I was afraid I was going to do something wrong or harm her in some way.  I’ve also been afraid to PLAY with Emery because sometimes running may cause her to vomit so the whole sense of PLAY I was BEing cautious.  Emery IS very, very active… full of life, and yet, I was afraid to PLAY from a sense of pure magic.  In some ways, I did, but fear was flashing the “caution” sign.

I OPENed Up to My daughter on occasion about My fear and My daughter said she would encourage Me to practice feeding her so I would get used to It.  I didn’t want to go into depth about My fear because I kNEW My daughter was working on her OWN.  So My silent…but not REAL-ly silent…fear stayed in the field until such time It made Its PRESENCE kNOWn.  Every”thing” exists in Your field.  We ALL kNOW when It comes out….sometimes It’s not even related to what You think It’s related to like standing in a long line…..You have to go deeper.

My daughter had sensed some”thing” about Me over these years, and wondered why I wouldn’t spend a lot of time with Emery.  In fact, My daughter was angry with Me.  I expressed a spiritual bypass, and didn’t ackNOWledge the fear until just last week when I was able to sit and ponder My daughter’s wisdom.

I called My daughter and cried FROM such incredible depth THAT I was afraid…..afraid to BE with Emery.  I just didn’t kNOW how to do THIS.  I told My daughter THAT I wished I would have ackNOWledged the fear sooner…but the field kNOWs timing.    And My daughter completely understood and NOW our relationship has grown FROM THIS expression of fear.

It’s been interesting to understand heart space and fear at the same time.  I believe THAT when You ackNOWledge fear, You are heart centered.  In many ways, I was BEing a spiritual bypasser “thinking” AS “others” have mentioned THAT You can’t have fear and love at the same time so I was following “others.”

Yet, I believe You can and do.  When You ackNOWledge fear, You are love…You are in the field beyond wrongdoing or rightdoing. Like fear IS wrong, but love IS right…ONE or the other, but not both.

Fear IS beautiful….It emanates FROM Your field to BE acKNOWledged.  Because fear IS You, It’s best to kNOW YourSelf and step into the field of You, which houses ALL THAT IS stored.  When You do THIS, You come through with such greater awareness…and It IS heart centered….fear IS centered in the heart AS ALL IS.

If ALL IS stored in Your field, then ALL IS.  May You kNOW every”thing” about YourSelf, and process each moment AS It comes.  Fear IS not a bad thing….It just wants to BE ackNOWledged because It IS You.  It’s You ackNOWledging Your “whole” Self.  🙂



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