FROM The Top of Your Crown

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Your crown, which You wear so brightly, IS the channel from which ALL the Divine flows.  It IS the Source from ALL the guidance which serves You.  It’s a beautiful blissful electromagnetic flowing and It awakens ALL the cells to a kNOWing, a kNOWing which IS beyond what You can sense with Your physicality.

Crowing You the Divine emanates FROM You AS You flow in each moment and You dictate, much like Royalty, to say what It IS.  You may not kNOW THIS IS occurring, but It IS…..remember, It IS THAT which You cannot see which IS working on Your behalf.  AS You keep staying focused on Your CROWN JOY, You OPEN UP the space and ALL Cooperative Components meet you AS Rumi says….out in the field between right and wrong.  

THIS place or frequency or vibration exists within You AS a central focus point and activates ALL Who shall serve You for Your greatest good.  ALL are Souls FROM the Soul Realm…..the frequency which You exist and can utilize the flowing goodness and expand upon It.  Much will fall away AS You stay tuned to You.

Think about this….when airline Captains reports the passenger count, he or she says, “We have 235 Souls on board.”  They kNOW Who IS at the core of the passengers, and thus, They report accordingly.

In THIS way, Your CROWN flows ALL FROM above into Your cellular structure and ALL Souls flow into Your awareness.  In order to Perceive and Receive THIS expanded LIGHT, You are to OPEN UP to the LIGHT in Infinite ways.  Thus, Your body will be changing AS a result so You may need to utilize Infinite things to assist You AS You OPEN UP to the LIGHT You are.

Understand Your awareness about Your beliefs and stay tuned to the tingling on top of the head……It’s whatever You believe It IS and It activates the ever flow and You are radiantly beautiful!   You are NOW CROWNED the DIVINE. 🙂


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