The Beyond of Collective Energy

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When You envision the inner plane vision, the ONE THAT exists in the ethers, You may sense THAT t-here IS some”thing” THAT rePRESENTs a feeling or sensation of an unkNOWn Source….yet, It IS familiar like the breath.  It comes from a place w-here the Collective resides, the residence of home body….w-here ALL feels like home.  You kNOW what home feels like…..It’s THAT feeling or sensing place inside which allows Us to take off our bras and let every”thing” just hang. 🙂

When You are a home body, It rePRESENTs the NOW moment THAT ALL IS immaculate conception.  THAT what You are conceiving right NOW in Your body or experience has no history to speak of because why would You want to talk about history when THIS moment IS so sacred and Divine….like no “other” could enter into THIS space to describe It/You.

You awaken aNEW to OWN-ly talk about LIGHT, the LIGHT which rePRESENTs right NOW.  You are fresh and NEW to Your world of enLIGHTenment and You OWN-ly want to discuss what brings You JOY for JOY IS the LIGHT of Your world.  Yes, t-here are physical sensations, but They are OWN-ly indicators of a world which exists beyond the physical sensations.  AS You tap into the immaculate conception world, You are delivered by Your OWN birth to conceive THAT which IS OWN-ly NOW, and Your responsibility IS to respond accordingly…..AS a matter of no fact.  🙂

It’s Your State of BEING which matters…..brings about matter… AS You understand Your OWN power, You can tap into Your JOY center, Your State of BEing, which IS the conceiver and deliverer.  AS You describe YourSelf on the inner plane with Your thoughts, the inner plane brings the Collective Energy to deliver such beauty to You.

With THIS said, I have done many youtube videos, and It’s beautiful how the Collective Energy will bring Me these videos AS some”ONE” has made a comment on ONE of Them.  It allows Me to see the full extent of Me and brings about an awareness of Who I AM in totality.  The Collective Energy IS absolutely beautiful and demonstrates how JOYfilled life REAL-ly IS….THAT t-here IS a beyond, driving force which dictates if We believe.  And It will keep bringing Us the Collective reminders to illustrate the beauty THAT exists right NOW.

You are the belief center…..THAT THIS moment IS immaculate conception and You may believe YourSelf in the center THAT You are here right NOW….no birth, no death….just a matter of ethereal energy which LOVEs to tap into Its OWN Source.  I LOVE THAT You’re part of My Collective Energy…..spinning beauty AS You speak, think, feel.  🙂

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