Aspects of Self

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T-here are Infinite energies of which You are a part.  Within these energies are aspects Who desire to move or shift with the experience.  It IS meant AS unconditional LOVE AS It desires healing FROM ALL aspect places wherever They exist.  Perhaps t-here are OWN-ly aspects of unconditional LOVE, which We, AS the physical, may label AS some”thing” else. Perhaps the way We view Our entire Selves IS a sort of “refresh button” to kNOW ThySelf and to Thine OWNSelf BE true!

And in THIS to idea of to Thine OWNSelf BE true, We choose labels which are most harmonious because why would We call OurSelves some”thing” that may BE considered less then true. There are many energies PLAYing at large, and They are Us PLAYing in Infinite Conscious fields of the most treasured illusionary dreams.  When You imagine or visualize and see Consciousness PLAYing a Self, You see ALL the dream aspects coming to PLAY for the sake of learning, growing and evolving.   

So ALL the aspects or facets THAT You are within the Multiverse are simply here AS unconditional LOVE…..LOVE THAT IS so profound THAT We can’t even imagine LOVE on THAT level.  For within no conditions IS a beauty beyond compare.

Timelessness comes into PLAY because ALL aspects exist in a timeless framework FROM which the human aspect comes into time.  Yet, t-here REAL-ly IS no time so to speak, but from the human aspect THAT’s ALL t-here IS.  Your true signature exists in timelessness and You have access to THIS at ALL times.

THIS Akashic Records holds ALL Your truths in timelessness and It’s UP to You to lay claim to Your OWN truths  You simply set the desire to kNOW YourSelf on ALL levels, and THIS IS for You to kNOW.  THIS IS done through meditation so THAT clarity flows through.

Perhaps Akashic Records could BE considered an”other” term for Higher Self.  You are simply tuning into THAT which came before the human aspect and THAT which flows through Your persona.  It’s Your co-Creator and facilitator at large. 🙂

Understanding Your awareness of Who You truly are will assist You AS You shift forward into NOW.  For NOW IS accessed and then NOW IS accessed.  You may try to hurry some”thing,” but It exists NOW and doesn’t need to BE hurried because how can You hurry NOW.

You are unconditional LOVE and are radiant! 🙂

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