The Soul’s Life Review

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The Soul IS THE Master of Life. After ALL, It IS Life.  It/Life kNOWs exactly what It IS doing at ALL times, and within THIS kNOWing IS a pure awareness which kNOWs THAT ALL IS taken care of, ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS working out.  THIS working out IS OWN-ly kNOWN to the Soul on Its Infinite levels.  To the physicality, It IS releasing ALL control because the physical IS never in control.  It can’t BE AS It doesn’t kNOW w-here the next step IS.  It does have physical eyes, but THIS IS not w-here the next step IS seen FROM.

Recently, when a life review appeared, It was interesting to watch the movie and see how THIS Soul chose things.  I can’t say THAT It IS “My” Soul AS THIS persona doesn’t possess a “My.”  It IS the Soul which possesses so to speak.  The human or persona OWN-ly appears to BE shifting through experiences to glean kNOWledge for the Greater Soul-Whole FROM which It IS derived….Its OWN origination.  🙂

When THIS life review appeared, It was fascinating to see ALL the experiences the Soul chose AS a means to glean kNOWledge or wisdom or whatever information field AS a means to gather. I, AS the persona, wondered why I would choose these choices AS It seemed like t-here were painful situations AS well AS pleasant ONES.  So Why does the Soul choose pain or unpleasant experiences?

What I gathered in THIS illustration was a “true” adventure to BE taken, an exploration of dis-covery THAT wanted to happen, albeit sometimes downright scary.  AS I sat with THIS life review, especially last night, I began to see It, not from the perspective of the human, but FROM the REAL perspective of the Soul.

It appears THAT gaps are Created between the Soul and the human and ALL orchestrated and facilitated by the Soul….gaps between Master and limitation.  And the Soul wants to FILL THEM IN when the time IS right and OWN-ly when Its time IS right for the Greater Soul-Whole.  Have You, AS the persona, ever wondered why an experience takes Its time? Yet, the “time” IS OWN-ly kNOWn in the timeless NOW.

The Soul comes to Earth to explore the limiting features of the Earth and, thus, It places ItSelf via the human in a place of dis-covery within the space of limitation.  When the human IS so-called exploring a theme, It’s not the human theme, It’s the Soul’s theme.  It IS Creating unpleasantness of some sort or whatever term THAT IS….through which the Soul learns to appreciate ItSelf….It’s what It came to experience in the Grand Game.  So sometimes unpleasantness will occur AS It OPENs UP to each moment.

IS It the attainment of some”thing” THAT evokes pleasure or IS It the “anticipation” of attaining some”thing?”  Or IS It both?  Because when You attain THAT some”thing,” guess what happens? You’re off attaining some”thing” else in the name of Creation.  Thus, IS the Soul ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS exploring on THIS theme….in the name of Creation.

The Soul can stop an experience at any time, and yet, It won’t stop until It has completely satisfied ItSelf.  It appears THAT AS a multidimension-ALL BEing, You, AS non-physical, will traverse the multiverse and in THIS multiverse are BEings THAT You will meet THAT cannot hear You, the physical, AS You’re attaining some”thing” for THAT IS the deliciousness of the game.  Like You, ALL BEings reside in Their OWN shifting parallel REAL-ities, and within THIS construct, You won’t BE heard….not until the Soul decides w-here the hearing will reside.  🙂

The Soul takes the human on a journey to look here and look t-here in a circular fashion and at an appropriate time, according to the Soul-Whole, will a some”thing” BE attained. The human can “try” in ALL Its attempts to go straight to the end, but the end IS not attainable via the human.  You, AS the human, can’t get t-here FROM Your human perspective. It’s OWN-ly when You, the physical, meet the Soul in Its vibration-ALL field that You truly meet and allow the shifting to occur naturally….to w-here IS Unseen and also UnkNOWn.

So sometimes Your Soul experiences will include an adventure into unpleasantness AS part of the Grand Game.  It appears THAT Your Soul IS “secretly” deLIGHTed via these experiences… could It not BE.  It’s ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS deLIGHTed through the experience…..It’s de LIGHT.

We, at Our cores, are a Collective of Cosmic Houdinis, and yet, We, AS the Infinite Soul, will venture into an experience THAT says We’re not so We can experience through a so-called Veil of Forgetfulness.  Some experiences will BE scary AS They PRESENT an awareness of fear, and yet, THIS fear will BE faced.  AS It keeps coming round in a circle, like Mooji and Eckhart Tolle say, allow It the best way You kNOW how.

You didn’t come here to REAL-EYES YourSelf AS a Master.  You are ALL-READY REAL-EYES-ed, and through the surrender into the Unseen, which IS w-here It ALL happens, You will BE delivered Unto YourSelf in ALL Your Soul fractals AS part of a Unified field of energy.  Yet, You must practice THIS over and over and over again because experiences do PRESENT ThemSelves for a deep, deep look into the hologram.

Thus, when You do a life review, look FROM the perspective of the Soul and see how Your movie PLAYS ItSelf.  If you OWN-ly look from a human perspective, You may not “truly” see the experiences for what They offered and continue to offer.




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