Breath of Awareness

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AS You are awareness in the fullest sense…..beyond the physical senses….You are reMINDed THAT You are the breath.  FROM the heart space IS the breath which flows ALL of You through AS ONE flowing moment FROM the Infinite space of the breath.  The breath IS not FROM the lungs, It IS FROM awareness….THAT Infinite space of Consciousness.  A doctor will say, “Let Me listen to Your lungs…take a deep breath in.” Yet, THIS IS not w-here the breath IS located.  T-here IS no location for awareness AS It has no location.  Try locating the Soul or Spirit or God? 🙂

When You, AS the physicality, focus Your attention on the breath, You are aligning with THAT which IS Your “true” Source.  Your breath IS w-here You came FROM so following It will lead You back to Your Source.  Your breath leads You home to the ONE awareness of Infinite space…..the space which IS FROM beyond through the physical body.   

T-here are many facets to breath and many will say how to properly breathe in order to connect.  Yet, You must follow Your OWN breath to see w-here It connects.  T-here will not BE ONE way, but Your way, AS You focus Your attention on Your OWN breathing apparatus.  Simply notice in each moment how the breath IS alive with ALL the attributes of space.  For breath Creates space or rather IS space.  It allows for space to BE recognized AS ONE flowing constant.

Just for THIS moment and for ALL the ONE moments to come, notice Your breath and allow It to take You into the field of potentiality.  For breath OPENS UP potential.  Catch YourSelf breathing, the ONESelf, the Source, and You have caught ALL of You in Your OWN Self-contained electromagnetic module.

Can You recognize YourSelf through Your breath?  You are absolutely breathtaking, aren’t You? 🙂


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