Transmitter of LOVE

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When You kNOW THAT THIS life experience IS to BE LOVE in Its purest FORM, It may take You on a journey to dis-cover THIS in Your experiential prowess.  For within the depth of the purest journey are Infinite aspects which illustrate Infinite ways to look at the idea of pure.  If ALL THAT IS IS ALL THAT IS made in Consciousness, then how can the idea of separation REAL-ly BE perceived?  It appears t-here would have to BE a made UP separation Version and then instill a framework of Ultimate power in THIS made UP Version.

It’s interesting to BE at Our OWN evolutionary junction…the point w-here We come to kNOW or at least have an expanded awareness of Who We truly are.  Our minds will seemingly Create ALL sorts of evidentiary ideas for FORMing separate opinions based on a set of rules in which the mind operates….”See, You REAL-ly are not Gods and here IS the evidence.  Just look.” 🙂

If You’re searching for the ONE power, the ONE technique, the ONE tool….ALL for ONE…. Who IS the answer and flows AS the answer, look in the mirror.  

The mind cannot Create an opinion separate from ALL THAT IS…..It can OWN-ly “attempt” to.  It takes belief and buy-in of these “attempts” and “tries” in order for the personality to believe what the mind says.  We have given It powers THAT It REAL-ly never had.  Our brains or minds were not deSIGNed to operate Our bodies….It cannot run the show.  It’s Our beliefs at any given moment THAT have Our operating system vibrating in You-nison with whatever.

When We vibrate according to a Version, Who We believe OurSelves to BE, then ALL changes accordingly.  ALL Your Version(s) vibrate at a frequency simultaneously, and when You are “aware,” then You can shift Your vibration to rePRESENT and emBODY the REAL-ity of THAT Version.

Consciousness, Who does not die, will ALL-WAYS BE in existence and runs the Multiverse show without the brain, but the personality brain cannot exist without Consciousness.  T-herefore, Consciousness IS the ONE true LOVE transmitter.  It’s the ONE Who breathes You, Who digests You, Who hearts You, Who does every electromagnetic process THAT You “think” IS done by the body.

AS We are transmitters of LOVE, We are here to flow AS Our natural Selves and believe THIS to BE.  We don’t take action or move in order to get some”thing” to happen.  Just ponder God doing THIS.  So how does God Create dinner? 🙂

We, AS Gods, shift AS Consciousness and a set of complete REAL-ities pop in for Our viewing pleasure, and then We shift in the seamless next moment….just ONE steady seamless stream of Consciousness.  Thus, Our brains simply follow in alignment with the flow…..unless the brain still attempts or tries to say, “I’m making dinner tonight and these are the steps “I” take to make dinner.”   Our brains were deSIGNed to Perceive and Receive from Our Higher Source, from Consciousness, and field THIS awareness AS PEACE, JOY, HAPPY AS the Creator or Creation happens.

The brain can OWN-ly review how some”thing” did occur….not Create It to happen….but the some”thing” must BE Perceived and Received AS LOVE from the heart of the ONE intention or It BEcomes a separate model of opinion.  And then It speaks FROM here as BEing separate and It will tell stories form separation.  Yet, t-here REAL-ly IS no BEing separate or BEing Who IS separate. Thus, You can see the loop de loop tactics in THIS scenario.

If ALL THAT IS IS ALL THAT IS, then life IS ALL THAT IS.  Given THIS simple statement, You, AS Consciousness, are flowing every ONE and every”thing” cosmically.  Just NOW, AS I’m typing, a deer appeared.  NOW, Your brain might say, “Well, of course.  You live in a forest.”  Yet, when You REAL-ly look at THIS popping in, It’s a Creation of Consciousness. Consciousness shifted ItSelf to reveal the combined molecular prowess to reveal a deer. In THIS State of BEing, ALL THAT IS rePRESENTed in THAT State of BEing appears.

It’s similar to what We have in the United States.  We have 50 States which rePRESENT ALL THAT IS innate to the individual States so We will experience what IS BEing in or FROM THAT State.  Consciousness contains ALL THAT appears in the State.  Thus, Consciousness or Your State of BEing IS what “matters”…..brings every”thing” and every”ONE” in FROM a vibratory State of BEing.

THIS IS how each moment PRESENTs ItSelf, in the PRESENT.  THIS IS how life IS seen through the eyes of Creation.  It’s ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS flowing life through Us so We, in the physical attribute, can marvel at Our OWN Creation AS the Creator.  It’s a vibratory life because if We didn’t exist at the level of vibration of Consciousness, the ONE Who flows life, We wouldn’t BE able to sense It.  We don’t see based on our physical eyes.  We sense vibration….THIS IS what We’re coming to kNOW, coming to REAL-EYES.

It’s likewise with ALL our so-called physical senses.  We think We hear with ears, but We do not.  We think We taste with Our tongues, but We do not.  Our physical senses were not deSIGNed to run the show….OWN-ly deSIGNed to Perceive and Receive vibration from the ONE Source.  With THIS said, We have expansive senses beyond what Our physicality says IS so.

You are a transmitter of LOVE.  You are the LOVE Receiver and Transmitter and THIS IS simultaneous.  So transmit LOVE in each moment kNOWing in Your OWN Self contained Consciousness, You contain ALL THAT You naturally are.



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