Infinite Bodies of Self

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T-here IS a beautiful unfolding in which Consciousness writes the story.  You couldn’t Perceive and Receive THIS message if not for Consciousness.  Yet, the story IS multifaceted, multidimensional, depending upon which parallel REAL-ity wants to BE activated, but It’s ALL happening simultaneously.  So THIS so-called parallel REAL-ity contains ALL THAT IS, and the next so-called parallel REAL-ity contains ALL THAT IS…and yada, yada, yada.

Even Your bodies are non-physical Consciousness….They are not physical.  I say bodies because You are Infinite bodies entertaining the notion of ONE linear body and believing in ONE linear body, Who has a history, a timeline.  T-here are Infinite parallel REAL-ities, and thus, Infinite bodies, in existence at any given time and t-here IS such a wonderful PLAY within these energy systems if You choose to PLAY along.  

Consciousness chooses which bodies It aligns ItSelf with for the PLAY, and You, the physical, can OWN-ly allow the vibratory body chosen among ALL bodies simultaneously occurring. You, the physical, don’t have a physical body.  You didn’t come from a physical presence.

You are the vibration-ALL body shifting ItSelf into Infinite points of view, Infinite Versions of Self, along an Infinite pathway structure of existence with DNA, molecules, atoms.  It’s a portal of OPENing into ALL bodies of kNOWledge simultaneously NOW and You shift or are downloaded into bodies of PLAY for THIS moment, a bodies of PLAY into the so-called next moment and yada, yada, yada.

It’s You, AS Consciousness, who IS the bodies of awareness and allow Them to ALL unfold simultaneously.  You, the physical, cannot choose without Consciousness BEing here.  It would mean t-here IS a separate ONE choosing without Consciousness. So I remind You THAT the physical person You think You are didn’t choose to BE here nor are You choosing NOW to BE here nor will You choose not to BE here.

Thus, seemingly It appears THAT t-here IS a physical person choosing, but then the selection, which IS vibratory induced, wouldn’t BE made aware of without Consciousness. It’s such an interesting PLAY.

The ONE body chooses Infinite streams of bodies AS It shifts ItSelf into a some”thing” to BE explored.  When You go exploring, You are Infinite bodies appearing to BE a linear history body, and in THIS “house of history,” the perception of ALL THAT happened or IS happening to THIS historical body will BE Perceived and Received…..Oh, the stories the bodies tell ThemSelves.  Come listen so You can tune into THIS story time.

I remember Bashar saying THAT a body may PRESENT ItSelf to have brown eyes in ONE reality and blue eyes in an”other.”  Yet, We, AS the physical, may see THAT person AS ONE linear person Whose phenomenon of changing eye colors IS astounding and wonder how It can BE.  In addition, Bashar, says THAT when ONE overcomes a dis-ease such AS cancer, THAT person, Who IS PRESENTed NOW never had the cancer.  THAT Conscious body IS in a different, albeit simultaneous, parallel REAL-ity vibrating and “NOW PRESENTing” THIS persona AS ONE Who overcame.  It’s such a fascinating awareness.

But a persona cannot change the seemingly physical…..THIS requires Consciousness, Who the multidimensional You truly IS. The persona can OWN-ly Perceive and Receive THAT Who Consciousness chooses and wants to PLAY in the field of potentiality.  So You, the physical, OPEN UP to PLAY because You kNOW It’s ALL Consciousness having an electromagnetic field day.  It never was/IS You, the physical, choosing any”thing,” but Your mind will say, “Of course, It IS.” 🙂

When Esther Hicks made a Conscious choice to tune into Abraham, Abraham instructed the “her” to go to the typewriter and the typewriter took on a life of Its OWN.  Thus, It began to type, “I want to type.  I want to type.  I want to type.”  So the aspect of Self kNOWn AS Abraham, which IS a Collective, took over and began to type from THIS field of awareness, THIS energy system in Consciousness.

“In the name of Consciousness” IS happening a gazillion times per second rapidly firing ALL circuits to BE activated within the bodies, Which You house.  If You, AS the persona within Consciousness, believe You are, in Your mind, ONE linear body from an historical perspective, then THIS IS what will BE Created and You will tell beautiful stories.  If you believe AS Consciousness THAT You are a Consciousness Creator and THAT no”thing” came before, then THIS IS what You will Create and You will tell beautiful stories.

It’s interesting to type THIS and have no awareness of a persona typing.  It appears to BE writing ItSelf and enJOYing ItSelf immensely.  I, the physical, can sense the JOY arising of what happened because of the sensing of My vibratory or frequency pattern in which It occurs.  Spirit Miracle, a subscriber, told Me THAT a Course in Miracles states, “We are mentally reviewing what has already gone by.”

It’s curious to note…..can a persona actually experience JOY?  Or IS It Consciousness experiencing JOY through the idea of illusionary persona?  Consciousness has to BE heart of the “matter” and included because if It ISn’t, then You couldn’t BE reading THIS post.  You, AS the physical mind, are not reading THIS post.  Your Consciousness IS aware through Its OWN vibration, Its OWN frequency.  Your mind IS simply made UP.

Allow Consciousness, within ALL Its Infinite bodies, to PLAY ItSelf out because It’s Consciousness which brought You here and It will BE Consciousness which will shift You into an”other” enLIGHTened vibratory parallel REAL-ity AS It speaks. You, the physical, have no control.  The OWN-ly control You seemingly have IS THAT of Your vibration so allow the alignment of Conscious vibration to shift You AS It IS doing a gazillion times per second.

Feel ALL Your circuits OPENing to THIS awareness and then go PLAY.  🙂

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