Lean into Fear

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T-here IS some”thing” so intriguing about fear.  It’s like It has a beauty to It THAT You normally wouldn’t see because of wanting to run away from It.  You may haven’t wanted to fully face It, but t-here comes a time when You are inspired by THE cosmic force to kNOW the unkNOWn.  Fear, in Its electromagnetic energy, comes wrapped in ALL sorts of different body sensations and You may BE curious about It.  You can’t understand fear except through the body.

And here You are.

Last night I had the most beautiful experience allowing My body sensations to BE without trying to label.  NOW, THIS, IS a true feat in and of ItSelf…..not to use labels.  The labels came and I noticed Them and I wondered how come labels are so PRESENT within the illusion of fear.  IS It the fear of dying of some aspect THAT BEcomes so visceral, so real?

And I wondered Who IS dying?  And I remained curious AS I followed the train of thought Who was curious?

Curiosity was fully awake and I REAL-EYESed THAT death, to the mind, IS an end of a life, but Who’s life?  And the person Who was here in ONE transmit of time, ONE blip on the radar, won’t remember she was here.  The massiveness energy force which Created the so-called her will continue picking UP massive energy on Its endless journey and will Create and IS Creating massive worlds.  For death through the heart has no beginning or end….pure positive transFORMative energy.

I BEcame grateful for fear and did not dis-allow Its energy.  Perhaps for the first time, which We BEcome aNEW in each moment so THIS IS truly the first time, fear was allowed, accepted and loved.  It’s here so It must BE here for a reason so It allows Us to meet It like Rumi says….out in the field between right and wrong doing, the wound IS the place w-here the LIGHT enters You.

So You lean into It and allow the energy to merge and mix with the Greater You, the ONE, Who facilitates Your journey.  It could BE called a sort of remix and then You will kNOW LOVE of Self.  🙂

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