Electromagnetic Powers of Beliefs

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You are the power which Creates worlds…..any world.  Thus, within THIS power line, power structure, are beliefs which have electromagnetic power to Create any world You wish.  You may see THAT when You are so-called “doing” a search, many items along the same topic line will appear…..therein lies Your power.

You are Creating ALL the structures of topics and FORMulating Them into manifested FORM so You may interact on a multidimension-ALL level and explore the belief which You Created….searching through the idea of the belief which wants to search.   The topics don’t appear without You….You are actually searching inside YourSelf and coming to some conclusion.  

A belief holds much power AS You can see for You are It AS It takes You wherever You are within the multidimensionality of Your BEingness, of Your Collective. Yet, You do THIS vibrationally….calling UP whatever portals are OPENing based FROM the center of the belief.

Life moves in a circle and sometimes You will BE calling UP a belief which IS still here, but perhaps You thought It was completely gone.  Energy can never BE destroyed…OWN_ly transFORMed.  Thus, AS You visit with beliefs, thoughts or memories (I believe they’re ALL the same vibrational energy) which have appeared or circled around, which You thought were gone, You give YourSelf permission to BE with It in a transFORMative way…..going deep within.  Awareness IS the key to Your OWN depth.

When You surrender, You are telling the belief THAT You believe It IS valid, THAT It IS true…You’re actually surrendering to Your Higher Self, through the idea of the belief.  You can’t fight…well, You can….against YourSelf telling YourSelf THAT what You believe in THAT power-filled moment IS not Your belief.

The belief IS You so electromagnetically speaking, You’re fighting power with power and some”ONE” will win and some”ONE” will lose or die…..a fight to the end, a fight to the finish.  Yet, when You understand the belief structures housed within You, You can gain perspective in THIS fighting or battling against structured Self.

AS Bentinho Massaro says, ONE way IS to meet the belief and say, “You are 100% right.  I will never ever get what I want. I “accept” defeat. You win. I die.”  And AS Bashar says, FROM the perspective of the belief, It doesn’t want You to die because then It dies. Thus, when You accept defeat, You accept death of the belief.

Death IS raw power so understand THIS power within You, which may feel very raw with incredible depth AS death occurs.  You are the belief, thought or memory You’re attempting to fight with…You are ONE in the same electromagnetic energy.

When You surrender and come from kindness to meet the belief, You are electromagnetically charging YourSelf to agree with It AS You hold Your white flag.  Herein lies acceptance.  In a way, it’s accepting of Your OWN defeat of “trying” to fight against Your electromagnetic belief….fighting against YourSelf….”I accept My defeat.”  Your belief wants to win so let It and in THIS way, You win because You surrender or die to You, the electromagnetically energy You. Remember, death IS not the end, It’s a transFORMation.

It’s better to BE kind than right, right? 🙂

It’s such an interesting twist because I do teach to come FROM the Higher Realm with JOY, HAPPINESS, PEACE and practice staying here.  Yet, I do believe It’s ONE in the same….surrender to the Higher Realm.  The belief IS bringing You a treasure to BE explored from the perspective You are NOW, and You may say, “I thought I was done with You.”  In actuality, You’re never done with the totality of YourSelf…..ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS learning, growing and evolving…and energy may circle around for an”other” look-see.

T-here can BE JOY, HAPPINESS and PEACE witnessed in the defeat.  If You argue with what IS here, You are arguing with YourSelf, going against YourSelf, going against Your natural “true” North. When You meet resistance, which IS Your OWN resistance, You simply surrender the fight mode…no”thing” left to do because You have no”thing” left…ALL out of steam in Your attempts to “try.”  You kNOW how when You log in to a site, but You forget Your password, You may BE given an X amount of attempts to enter again before You’re kicked out. Enter again, but don’t try. 🙂

You’re ONE with the flow.  You may still experience some electromagnetically energy, some echoes so to speak, FROM the belief AS It can BE very strong in Its intensity…It may not want to “accept” the “wisdom” in Your defeat.  It does not want You to die because then It dies.

Yet, when You can remind the belief THAT It IS honored….a celebration of life….by talking to It, You will, by Your Self talk, let It kNOW It won’t die.  It will just BE inside, resting in peace. AS You practice integrating the energy and talking to the the belief, “I see You. You were right ALL along.  I accept defeat in THAT game” while simultaneously integrating a NEW belief, “THIS IS a NEW game, NEW Me, and I accept THIS NEW game,” You will integrate ALL the energy.  It’s not either/or, but rather ALL.

Trusting in Your NEW while simultaneously honoring Your old will provide awareness into the unkNOWn.  You’re an ever-shifting electromagnetic energy system….ONE THAT IS built on TRUST but TRUST IS some”thing” which will BE explored over and over…and over again AS You learn, grow and evolve into THAT which naturally flows FROM You.

Enjoy THIS beautiful meditation by Bentinho Massaro….Die Before You Die.

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