Harness the Power of Your Energy

When You kNOW You are the vital life force of Your You-niverse, then You kNOW the how to’s of THIS moment.  You cannot “think” YourSelf into THIS moment or a situation or “think” YourSelf out of THIS moment or situation.  The You-niverse does not “think”….It vibrates Its beautiful loving energy.  Hence, You MUST vibrate AS well.

Unbeknownst to Me, the pic was taken by My husband of the life force dancing and singing outside. 🙂

Since You are Your You-niverse, ONE with…not separate from….Your You-niverse, then Your mind can OWN-ly flow with the vital life force….unless It wants to “think” It’s separate from THAT which It IS….w-here It came FROM, was born FROM.  Your physical mind didn’t come FROM Your physical body.

Thus, AS You “think,” You are REAL-ly vibrating and calling forth a REAL-ity AS the life force.  Your words simply rest FROM a clear position of authority….Whoever the authority IS for You.  You were born FROM formlessness, not FORM.  Even though Your mom says she bore You….perhaps she REAL-ly bores You.  🙂

When You are doing some”thing,” Your mind might say, “I AM doing THIS or I did THIS taking credit w-here credit IS due.” Yet, It doesn’t have THIS power…..It can OWN-ly Perceive and Receive the vital life force THAT It IS, You are.  It wasn’t “raised” to “think” for ItSelf…It doesn’t have elevation capacity so don’t “try” to elevate It.

You might have in Your memory bank some”thing” THAT You did in order to overcome some”thing.”  Yet, THAT would not BE accurate….THAT’s how the mind will portray “ye shall overcome.”  You connected to Your vital life force….perhaps unConsciously…in order for the NEW You to become aware of You in a different REAL-ity w-here the so-called overcoming happened. In Your mind, You will walk through linear steps to illustrate how It ALL happened.

You are an ever-shifting vitality of energy, a bundle of energy, and thus, You, AS THIS life force, Create the ever-shifting power of You in Your multidimensionality.  Thus, You Create Infinite You’s carrying through ItSelf the power of THAT Who You are.  You are vibrationALL power carrying through to BE here NOW.

You, AS the physical, are the connection through THIS powerful energy and AS You connect vibration-ALLY….become a vibrational ALLY….You witness and harness the power of You.  And It will BE the most challenging thing You will face in Your Earth existence.  It certainly IS for Me.

For contrast will come AS You evolve and Expand into more and more Who You truly are, but the contrast IS not here AS unloving AS You might “think” AS You wonder what the hell IS happening? You’re not in hell….although It may appear THIS way to the mind.  You are evolving AS THIS IS what You came to do….or rather to BE.  You are growing and expanding into a New pair of deSIGNer pants. 🙂  So which mind do You see FROM?

Recently, I’ve been experiencing some powerful upgrades.  When I come FROM the authority in My lower mind, I get scattered.  When I come FROM the authority in My Higher mind, I AM clear.

When I come from a Higher position which truly sees the impetus of THIS energy, I AM utilizing the wisdom BEing bestowed.  It IS telling Me THAT I, in the physical sense, do not Create the overcoming of any”thing.”  I AM the integration of THIS energy, and My body IS a power-filled rePRESENTation of THIS energy system.  T-here IS NOW and will OWN-ly BE NOW so I stay focused…and I kNOW when I’m not in vibrationALL harmony with the true power AS I sense THAT I AM “trying” to accomplish some”thing.”

I’ve certainly seen how powerful My mind IS pointing to a memory in which I can say with “clear” certainty…..”Oh, remember when You had similar symptoms….You did THIS.”  Yet, THIS IS not the case.  I cannot resolve/re-solve any”thing” from THIS level.  I can OWN-ly give in and surrender to the life force which sustains Me and maintains Me.  It shifts Me, the physical, to an ALL-READY Created vibration-ALL REAL-ity and the Version of Me at THIS moment IS aware.  If I AM linear in THIS Version of Me, then I will point to a list of things THAT I have to do instead of flow with the life force.

So what do You, AS the physical, do in order to BE the life force?  In each moment, You sense connectedness….You sense the flow THAT You are.  You flow Your true energy into THAT which You are doing.  You feel THIS energy alive within You and let It flow.

Before I began writing THIS, I went outside with My mp3 player and danced and sang with the trees, the sky, the rocks, the Earth.  Hence, the picture.  It was truly to connect with the flow THAT I AM AS t-here ISn’t ONE thing You will do which will overcome anything…..”Oh, THIS IS what I did….You should try THIS too.”  It’s not like THIS.  You are the vibrant flow, and AS You utilize the power of THIS flow, You connect…..THAT’s It.

A song THAT I listened to and come alive through IS, I’d Like to Get to Know You, by Spanky and Our Gang.  The lyrics, for Me, are about getting to kNOW the life force THAT I AM. With THIS said, I did a video called “There IS no Beginning and No Ending,” and recently some”ONE” posted a comment which mentioned THAT I wasn’t connected to Jesus.  To many Jesus, IS the powerful life force.

When I saw the comment, I immediately went to kindness.  I kNOW THAT through the words are LOVE and KINDNESS AS the backdrop so THAT’s w-here I flow FROM and w-here I went and I posted My comment…..Thank you for your kindness.  If I truly want to kNOW My life force, then I want to connect with THAT life force by seeing through the words.

And THAT comment was for Me, to not OWN-ly write My comment from THIS life force, but to watch THAT video again so see THAT t-here IS no trace of a beginning or ending of You.  You can’t trace…..”Well, I did THIS and THIS happened.”  You, the true You, are the untraceable which doesn’t have a finger to point FROM or TO…It doesn’t even kNOW how to trace. The lower mind has fingers for pointing and tracing, the Higher Mind doesn’t have fingers nor are fingers required at THIS level…not even the middle finger.  Damn, can’t even use THIS. 🙂

The PRESENT IS ALL t-here IS so the PRESENT IS not the result of the past….no w-here to point but here.

Get to kNOW the powerful life force THAT You are….enjoy the song.

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