Energy of Kindness

AS every”thing” and every”ONE” IS energy…..ALL loving flow of life….then ALL IS not personal, but rather a flowing energy field with no personal information.  Personal IS a construct of the mind because t-here IS no ONE here, personally.

My good friend, Rene DeAnda, drew THIS picture and was very kind to share It with Us. She has such a beautiful talent tapping into her Creative flow and allowing It to come out on paper.  Kindness transmits from the natural flow through space and time. 🙂

Recently, AS I was engaged with a memory construct, which was causing the bereavement process to unfold….why did I make choices along My path depriving MySelf of experiencing sustainable kindness….the loss of kindness BEing experienced AS It related to relationships. Specifically, the memory appeared with junior high and high school boyfriends.  It had come UP before, and yet, THIS time, I wanted to stay with It and understand It….what was It here to teach Me.

I AM a NEW Me, albeit energy field, experiencing THIS so-called memory, which can OWN-ly appear in the NOW, and It wanted to follow It and re-discover It.  So I stayed, pondered, and unfolded curiosity.

AS the story goes in My memory bank, I had dated a boy from age 12 to 18.  Yet, even in the dating period, We had an on and off again relationship.  When we were on, the relationship was tumultuous….UP and down in emotional pain…and yet, I gravitated to It. When We were off, many, many kind boys appeared and I got to experience THIS kindness.  Then the on again relationship came into BEing.  Thus, the back and forth continued for these 6 years….and beyond.  THIS said, My focus IS on the 6 year period.

AS I stayed with THIS data bank, I saw a beautiful unfolding THAT no”thing” was personalized.  These boys were not personal, making It very un-personal for Me.  They were energy, My energy, and I could see the difference in My OWN energy field AS I saw the PLAY of LOVE and kindness appearing so THAT I could fathom My OWN depth.

Energy IS not personal….t-here IS no person experiencing It.  Energy IS flow of life and doesn’t belong to a person.  No ONE to claim It….the IS of pure, flowing energy.  THIS IS how memory works….It simply appears AS some”thing” wants to BE experienced.  Yet, the person IS not having a memory at work.  The energy IS coming to fruition so THAT an experience can come about….because It IS called for and needed in the NOW to process and look at differently.  Ancient wisdom coming to fruition. 🙂

A memory can OWN-ly BE trusted and trustworthy if It IS not personal-EYESed.  If It IS personal-EYESed, It cannot BE trusted because the truth of the person IS material-EYESing the energy to FORM a story line.  In the 3D world, You have a person, You have a story.  AS You gain altitude, a memory no longer lands on a person for a story to BE created.  I mean, a person has to be t-here in order for some”thing” to land….that’s how memory from the mind IS Created.

AS altitude IS gained, the density or solidity of a human ISn’t required, and thus, no landing will occur.  The so-called memory will come into BEing “simply” because the flowing energy, which belongs to no ONE, requires It…..It’s THAT simple.  Thus, It will not point because It has no ONE to point FROM in order to point TO.  OWN-ly an identified person will point.

You will no longer need the idea of a memory for You will kNOW what You need to kNOW in the PRESENT.  You, the physical, won’t go looking for a memory in which to gain some”thing” over some”ONE.”  It just won’t BE necessary any longer.  THIS sort of process IS OWN-ly needed in the 3D world.  It’s how We point. 🙂

So because I stayed…and didn’t run away….I was able to see It, the memory or energy, for the first time with clarity.  I believe THAT THIS IS what THIS moment can call forth….clarity through awareness.  It’s ALL awareness and We glean the wisdom AS We gain maturity. We can’t ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS see some”thing” when We would like to…..”Why didn’t I see It then?”…..It has to mature before It/We can BE seen from the clarity perspective Who IS NOW.  It’s reserved for THAT special time, which harbors no time frame….in pure timelessness.

Maturity IS not personal, and therefore, doesn’t have an age.  Maturity IS a beautiful, unfolding, energy system, which comes about….when It comes about.  You, AS the physical, don’t kNOW when You’ll mature AS, again, maturity, IS not physical.  I wish You would BE more mature….but damn, You disappoint Me every time I think You’re on the road to maturing and then You do some”thing.”  Oh, to satisfy My mind. 🙂

Perhaps when the idea of maturity IS BEing dis-covered, It IS the Soul, Higher Self or energy entities Who IS coming into maturity….gleaning more information and wisdom for Its OWN awakening.  It IS not the person, Who IS awakening…..then Who awakens?

You, AS the physical, don’t do any”thing.”  You can’t do any”thing.”  You were not born to do any”thing.”  You were born FROM the flowing, loving, energy….THIS IS what IS so-called born to BE…..yet, no ONE could point to a birth.  In the so-called BEing, flows the loving energy.  If You are in Your memory, in Your mind, and You point to some”ONE,” then You are not in Your right mind. 🙂

We will definitely BE visited by 3 ghosts, also kNOWn AS ancient wisdom kNOWledge energy, within our physicality in order to transcend some”thing” which has appeared in Our lives, and yet, We have wished It away…but It never went away.  NOW, It’s coming full circle in order to BE awakened into a different energy pattern….It IS Our energy.  THIS energy of kindness allows for breath, for softening, for nurturing thoughts, for witnessing the energy pattern into full view AS It IS seen unconditionally.

AS Eckhart Tolle says, “What You think of an”other” person, in the bundling of conditioning, IS not Who They are. What You don’t think of an”other” person IS, in actuality, Who They are.”  Perhaps We utilize THIS same message in terms of Our OWN energy patterns. We give Them labels which doesn’t clearly rePRESENT the energy in terms of Our OWN conditioning, and NOW, in our OWN evolution, It IS time to see Them in actuality and label Them with kindness.

BE KIND to Your OWN ancient energy…….

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