LOVE IS not dense

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When You surmise Your Innate Presence, You may envision what LOVE actually IS.  You may filter, sift and sort, Your experience with thoughts of THIS IS LOVE, THIS IS not LOVE. Yet, Who IS watching the physical You do THIS feat IS THIS which IS LOVE.

LOVE sees or “IS” through ALL dense images.  The appearance of dense IS OWN-ly an illusion of the mind….My physical body IS a solid, dense, construct.  ALL THAT I see “out-there” IS dense AS well.  And just so You kNOW, You did not originate from Your linear mind, and thus, Your body, in ALL THAT It IS, IS a “true” origination field of awareness.

It comes…or IS…AS THIS field of LOVE.   It re-PRESENTs the original You in the FORM Created by You/It.  Yet, It IS not FORM AS in solid or dense….It IS a FORM-less LIGHT body.  

Dense implies solidity….I can’t see clearly because It’s/I AM so dense.  Having said THIS, in THIS time and space, You are aware of the LIGHT THAT has ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS been, but You could not Perceive and Receive It because of Your dense classification.  You are BEING…..Your BEING IS inviting You…into Your OWN LIGHT THAT IS and ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS has been.  And You kNOW THIS.

PLAY-full LIGHT energies exist and It IS assisting You to let go of Your physical body AS a dense separation mechanism and Perceive and Receive Your LIGHT body of connection awareness. In THIS way, You are guided to Perceive and Receive food in a LIGHT-hearted way.  You may understand THIS ancient wisdom giving way for You to actually find YourSelf ingesting LIGHT food.

It’s no longer considered “survival” food….eating to survive.  You are considered LOVE, and in THIS LOVing way, You eat from a base of LOVE, not survival.  You are not a hunter and gather and constructing Your food Source from THIS base.  You are LOVE, and thus, You choose from Your original Source base.  You will glean what THIS means for You.

AS a LIGHT body, Your choices will BE experienced in such a different way than Your mind or brain construct Perceives.  If You eat to feed Your physical body, then You will BE eating to assist Your physical body in surviving.  But remember, You did not come here from Your physicality so You turn towards Your origins…and You ask what would the original I AM like to eat?  Then listen and trust.

You came here from Consciousness Who shifted a portion of Its Whole Self to BEcome You, the physical.  Consciousness gave birth to You, AS You, through You, around You, so You are a LIGHT body in Your original FORM.  You can let go and shift into THIS awareness THAT Consciousness IS actually running Your body, not Your brain.  THIS IS a huge shift of awareness AS Your mind or brain has been given THIS separatist responsibility to figure things out to survive.  You will see how much of You IS still living from Your mind BE-cause AS You can truly see, You are the larger, Expansive, body.

I kNOW, for Me, I AM shifting into food which allows for the recognition of easily assimilation of THAT which I AM.  It’s like THIS plant based food IS speaking in a Higher vibration of awareness and I can hear It.  I REAL-EYESed THAT through a course of My physical body not feeling great, I was BEing shifted.  Thus, more wisdom was glowing through.

I did not understand THIS at first AS Consciousness led Me into various fields of awareness….It doesn’t lead linearly, damn Consciousness. I mean, REAL-ly, do We have to go to ALL 7 Continents and ALL the countries within Them, not to mention the entire planetary system, before We can glean the intended wisdom. 🙂

Just kNOW, what appears AS a linear time line, IS REAL-ly just a moment ago.  I kNEW I was going through some”thing” with so-called physical symptoms AS I was Perceiving and Receiving Who I naturally AM.  AS I began to eat from plant based LOVE w-here My heart was calling from, My mind-body Perceived and Received THIS AS not so great.  I was feeding FROM a different Source than what had been conditioned so Its perceptions were following the conditioning.

You kNOW when You’re BEING led….It may not feel so comfortable when coming FROM the mind.  Again, the mind has Its own survival instincts and so will firmly PLANT these instincts in the way of “Oh, no’s!”  But if the mind REAL-ly kNEW what was going on in the totality of awareness, It would not Perceive any”thing” AS a problem.  So the mind cannot Create, but It sure can act like It.  🙂

So You redistribute Your labeling and allow Your body to assimilate in a LIGHT-hearted fashion.  The mind will label FROM Its OWN comfortable analysis of the body…yet, It “truly” does not house the whole picture.  Thus, label from Your true Source.

Trust will BE Your guide AS You venture into more LIGHT….just keep the connection OPEN between You, the physicality, and You, Who You truly are.  You, the physicality, IS not separate….You’re ONE in the same.  T-here IS so much support available…..just OPEN UP to the support….It’s Your original framework.  🙂

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