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T-here IS a language of LOVE which speaks to loving an”other” AS a means to enter into a relationship of awareness to feel, to fill, to experience.  It may go some”thing” like THIS….”I want to find some”ONE” because I want to find some”ONE.”  If You REAL-ly are with THIS awareness, You may not even kNOW why the some”ONE” else IS so important to Your life experience….but It IS because You can list ALL the reasons for THAT which drives You to find….”I AM looking for a partner Who _______.”

It appears THAT through the experience of finding an”other,” and living the experience within THIS finding, We dis-cover OurSelves over and over again and more over.  It IS through the experience of an”other,” THAT We are, in actuality, walking towards OurSelves down the aisle. In the unKNOWn, at some point wisdomly speaking, We will dis-cover Who THIS partner actually IS in relationship to Us, and We won’t like Who We see a lot of the time. We REAL-ly should have been a run away bride….run, run like hell. 🙂

Yet, w-here can You go because everywhere IS the appearance of YourSelf?

AS Rumi says, “Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.  They were in each other all along.” You have simply conditioned YourSelf to the story of how You and Your physical lover met. Yet, You, the non-physical, OPENed UP an electromagnetic energy field of ItSelf and shifted or fashioned a portion, yet whole, of ItSelf AS You.

It did THIS AS the Infinite ways Infinity can BE explored through a so-called idea or image of a separate self, separate person.   So You, the physical, would learn, grow and evolve through the story line…and therein lies Your lover, Who “appeared” to BE a separate BEing like yourself made in your physical mind’s image to keep the story line alive. THIS so-called separate BEing, Your lover, IS the ONE THAT You could work out ALL “Your” story S#$T with.

Very calculating, don’t You think…..calculator ALL-WAYS at hand…let Me count the ways. 🙂

Given THIS wisdom, the lover Who sleeps beside You, sits beside You at dinner, says or does some”thing” THAT drives You crazy (not just once, but a gazillion times because Your calculator keeps score)…the ONE Who IS “beside” YourSelf, IS actually inside You, not beside You.  Ever wonder why You hear the term, “I’m just beside MySelf.”

It’s just THAT, through conditioning of a mind-partner image, We have established a conditioned way in which THIS separate partner IS seen. We have forgotten Who We are to BE in LOVE with first….It IS BEing, Our OWN Eternal/Internal BEing, in LOVE so THAT the heart-partner image IS seen.  The heart truly sees while the mind or brain sees what It “thinks” IS true.  The heart sees whole, the mind sees portions and can never truly see the whole picture.

Whenever You walk down Your aisle, AS a metaphor, You’re walking towards YourSelf….actually in YourSelf, just BEing YourSelf (not beside YourSelf). But sometimes It may serve You to talk to YourSelf AS You’re walking in YourSelf…”I AM aware THAT I am walking towards MySelf” AS an effortless way to slow down.

THIS helps Me when I walk but also sitting here listening to the sounds of the TV BEing watched by My husband…..”I AM aware THAT My husband IS watching TV.”  THIS places neutrality on the partner image….takes the edge off any so-called sounds which may “appear” to BE outside of Me.  It’s funny to write THIS and observe the TV BEing watching My husband….makes Me laugh. Deepak Chopra will shifts things around like THIS….am I reading the book or IS the book reading Me. 🙂

When ALL IS neutral-EYESed, then You are BEing in LOVE, and You can expand THIS LOVE from here.  ALL the so-called mind-partner images…..conjectures from the image from the mind or brain….are BEing made aNEW because You’re slowing YourSelf down so THAT You can “actually” see from Your rightful position, from BEing, so the mind-partner shifts to the heart-partner.

It’s like when You’re driving Your car, if You’re driving so fast, You can’t see the images…..They look like a blur whizzing by.  It’s the same thing when You’re thinking so fast, Your mind IS made up and You can’t see the “true” image in front of You….Your partner will BE constantly whizzing and You’ll get pissed.  🙂

When You slow YourSelf down to the speed of slow, You gain Your “true” inSIGHT…Who and What You are “truly” seeing…You are inSIGHTful.  In THIS way, BEing in LOVE captures the accurate whole picture. BEing LOVES slow and relaxed so It can provide “accurate” news, not fake news. 🙂

AS Rumi says, BEing brought You here, and BEing will take You home…but first You must find the “true” partner within You, Who sits in stillness awaiting Your OWN recognition.  You will not find through force, but through effortless, gentle awareness, which IS Your true or ultimate power. The thoughts will still come but You can’t force Them away or run from Them.  You will kNOW how You, BEing in LOVE, serve the thoughts AS You allow Them to flit with pure freedom.

You want to go home with Your “true” partner, and AS You are aware of the comforts THIS partner provides, You will see the LOVE of Your “out there” or so-called separate image partners.  “Oh, I kNOW Who You are.  You are inside Me resting AS the whole image of Me.  I LOVE You.”  In THIS way, You’re not pro-portion.  You’re a pro-whole.   Okay, belly laughing now at the sound of pro-whole. 🙂

When You die in THIS physical body, You’ll BE whole and no”thing” but the whole. AS You came so shall You leave.

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