Acceptance AS You Are

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AS You are.

THIS morning, My husband and I had an enLIGHTened conversation about what IS enough dosage to take in regards to nutritional products I’ve decided to take.  THIS OPENed UP some differences in how We perceive things and OPENed UP vulnerability for Me to honor My truth and walk in It…to simply follow the alignment path of peace.

My husband believes You should take the recommended dosage, and I said, I look at the recommendations, and then intuitively adjust, but even in THIS so-called adjustment, I still may have doubts which appear.  We then took THIS topic further and discussed other things, including food… much dosage do You eat?  My husband thinks You should finish Your plate, and I think You eat until whenever the STOP signal vibrationally appears, and THIS most likely means You leave with food in a container.

Again, We both looked at It differently.  It was such an interesting exploration accepting My depth and expansiveness via the flavor of a conversation.  What looks like surface topics….surface S*&#….actually IS an invitation to go further into BEingness and ALL Its Hail Mary attributes.  🙂

I appear to use dosage AS a guide and then tune into MySelf to see what IS recommended electromagnetically…and sometimes after I’ve taken a dose, I will question if I took enough or took more than too much.  If ALL IS energy, then what I, the physical, AM actually doing IS becoming an energetic match to THAT which IS the cause and I, the physical, Perceive and Receive THIS BE-cause.

Thus, the so-called thing IS not outside of Me, but inside AS an awareness.  If I Perceive and Receive THIS in LOVE, then questioning can still appear, but I AM aware of the questioning which still appears…no attachments, simply observing or watching LOVE perform in the line of questions.  And I accept the best way I kNOW how and I believe acceptance unfolds AS I, the physical, look at the nuances which seem to keep the depth and expansiveness unfolding.

It’s such an interesting awareness to BE with what IS “enough” of any”thing” or any”ONE.” THIS said, what are You actually doing with regards to each moment?  It appears to Me THAT You are ONE Creating the moment and yet, THIS moment offers multidimension-ALL aspects of You coming together to support the experience…some separate, some together.  Pull YourSelf together, would ya! 🙂

You ingest, but even before You ingest IS an awareness, the Creator, coming into BEing…or rather BEing.  Then the physical You circulates Its Perceiving and Receiving apparatus getting in touch with ALL Its thought processes or aspects of thought with the unfolding moment.

It’s ALL Consciousness or Presence fielding the awareness, but the physical You, Who cannot Create any”thing” or any”ONE,” Perceives and Receives what just so-called happened.  If ALL IS given in the field of LOVE, then LOVE must BE the response, must BE the field, to the so-called “action” of the physical.   In THIS way, enough comes into PLAY because Consciousness IS enough….It IS You, the physical, electromagnetically merging with the ONE Who Created the experience of enoughness.

Yet, the physical You may say in Its ability to conjure UP the field of naysayers, “I just ingested THIS thing and NOW I must offer analysis,” but THIS would not BE fully accurate AS the OWN-ly thing You ingested was LOVE, PLEASURE, JOY.  So It appears THAT in each moment, You are merely the receptacle, the vehicle, for the enoughness of LOVE BEING PRESENT.  But You will call It a thing and take THAT thing to the analysis couch….providing interpretational therapy along the way….THIS thing needs interpreting. 🙂

You, the physical, will look at the so-called thing You are ingesting AS a feed for what You need….feeding the needy, and THAT’s why the couch appears.  Yet, You are ALL-READY fed, ALL-READY whole, ALL-READY enough, but You, the physical, won’t BE aware.  So You turn It around into YourSelf, point back to Your “whole” Self, and BE the perfect match for THIS and then ingest and let ‘er go and surrender to the experience.  You observe the thoughts which arise and simply say, “I AM aware of You, You little focker.” 🙂

It takes pure practice to Perceive and Receive It THIS way because if You’re like Me, I will still anal-EYES and separate….THIS so-called thing has a task and IS supposed to do some”thing” for Me, the physical…and It never can.  Yet, when I accept the enoughness of the moment, then the “thing” IS free from My self-imposed restrictions on It.  I mean, REAL-ly, how much enough can BE anal-EYESed to satisfy?

THIS moment IS completely satisfied, and thus, the enoughness IS currently A-OK with ItSelf. It doesn’t anal-EYES, separate or compartMENTAL-EYES BE-cause It kNOWs Its the cause of ALL….cause I said so. 🙂

It’s just the physical THAT ISn’t fully aware yet. So It’s UP to the practice of the physical to accept the satisfaction which IS ALL-READY PRESENT, but It may resist the enoughness because It’s attempting to take away from the satisfaction….t-here has to BE a take away…..some”thing” I AM supposed to BE getting more of…I gotta leave with some”thing”…and THAT’S A-OK too.

What truly happens IS THAT You become aware of the more THAT You satisfactorily are….not more of the physical which attempts to get more satisfaction.  And in the lyrics of The Rolling Stones, “I can’t get no satisfaction….ever.”  🙂

If You ponder the leaving the moment with some”thing,” consider when You actually die, You OWN-ly leave with BEing AS pure LOVing energy…”thing” personal.  So It appears THAT You want to die before You die.  🙂

It’s ALL around and around and around We go never getting anywhere until You, the physical, becomes aware of exhaustion and decide to rest Your thoughts….RIP NOW….in Your OWN BEingness BE-cause You kNOW THAT You’ll never get anywhere, but here.

It truly IS Your thoughts THAT You want to BE Conscious and Aware of….and when You are Conscious, You BE like BEing.  Then THIS shifts You harmoniously in Your thought You-niverse.  Thus, You are completely satisfied BEcause You kNOW You’re OWN-ly talking to YourSelf, thinking to YourSelf, OWN-ly ingesting YourSelf, at the very core of You….through ALL the so-called appearances of others, things and situations.  “LOVE IS BEing made aware of” and permeates ALL the so-called labels.

It IS through practice though, then You regularly LIGHT UP a cigarette AS Your symbol of satisfaction. 🙂



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