Awareness Creates Space

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When You consider THAT thoughts are things which take UP space inside You, You may consider THIS volume or density in relationship to Who You are AS awareness. Thoughts can Create volumes of noise, right?  Awareness or Consciousness IS You and IS Infinite space AS It flows into what You do. However, when You have thoughts which so-call compromise the sensing of THIS natural space, You won’t BE able to BE aware of the Infinite space which You are naturally made of.  After ALL, You are what dreams are made of. 🙂

THIS morning AS I was lying in bed before I got UP, I became aware of THIS message. I began a conversation with MySelf, which IS ALL t-here IS, and said, “I AM aware of My body touching the sheets. I AM aware of My head touching the pillows.”  THIS started an awareness of filling MySelf UP with space and kept It going….”I AM aware of the thread count of the sheets. I AM aware of the air in the pillows.”  It was FUN to simply BE aware of the space and let the thought of awareness permeate My space.  

If Our “true” body IS awareness, then allowing Our physical body to sense THAT which truly IS takes observing and practicing.  Our mind will want to describe some”thing” AS an object in which to focus, and usually It provides an awareness of fear.  Thus, when We experience Our physical body, We can say, “I AM aware of sensations” and keep repeating THIS mantra.

Our minds will want to go to a conditioning pattern and yet, When We can accentuate the positive, We can guide Our thoughts to simply BE aware of sensations AS positive, Infinite space. Our minds will want to go to a place, revert to a place, within the body which serves the memory of the pattern….”Remember, You are THIS organ…focus on It.”  So, and because We are aware, We utilize the “true” body and say, “I AM aware.”

When density IS Perceived and Received, It will want to keep alive the denseness in the body and THIS denseness comprises memory, DNA and the like.  AS We are truly awareness, We simply bring the spaciousness of awareness to the forefront and describe from here…..”I AM aware.”  THIS sheds LIGHT on the temporary conditional pattern.

AS You keep THIS awareness practice alive, You will call to focus and attention the awareness and Create more space within.  THIS, in turn, will speak LIGHT volumes in Your physical body.  When You are aware, You Create space.  When You are not aware, You Create density.

Through, and AS practice, more and more of You OPEN UP to awareness, and in THIS way, You utilize Your permanent body to take UP more.  If You believe You are the physical body, then Your mind will figure It ALL out through thinking.  If You believe You are the awareness body, then Awareness or Consciousness will figure it ALL out through BEing.

It ALL REAL-ly IS Consciousness….God IS ALL and everywhere.  Yet, the physical mind will not BE aware because It’s prone and conditioned to Its pattern THAT It’s the OWN-ly ONE here.  It IS UP to Us, AS the guide and path of awareness, to shift and awaken OurSelves to the ONE Who Creates and facilitates Us into BEing.

Even though the physical body IS temporary, We simply utilize Its temporary nature in the awareness and Create an environment which IS spacious.  In THIS way, It’s an OPEN field of electromagnetic heart pulses which can sense Its environment AS ItSelf, and LOVE permeates the Conscious space.  Thus, food or whatever IS seen in the LIGHT of awareness, not in terms of food has to do some”thing” for Us, but in terms of the food IS ALL-READY Us.  So no separation noticed….We are whole and consuming THAT which IS ALL-READY whole.  We are Essence consumers. 🙂

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