First, Presence

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First, t-here IS Presence….THAT which IS the field of potentiality underlying every”thing” and every”ONE” which exists. ¬†It’s like the undergarment which comes first before any”thing” can arise. You first put on Your underwear, then the overlay….or perhaps You do the opposite. ūüôā

T-here first has to BE THAT which comes from before THAT which appears. Thus, the appearance IS in the coming, the unfolding, from the state of Presence. ¬†Presence can’t BE captured or truly kNOWn. ¬†You can say, “I kNOW THIS to BE true” AS a definitive statement and yet, Presence encircles the words in Its vibratory spaciousness and the kNOWn expands. ¬†

We do use words to communicate, and yet, the words are held in a PRESENT state of Being AS the Presence articulates a message through the words. ¬†First, Presence, then words. ¬†T-here IS ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS THIS which comes first. It’s slowing Our physicality down to THIS state, which can also BE referred to AS heart-fullness.

When You walk across the room, You slow Your thoughts to the pace w-here the thoughts can join You in the walking across the room so the thoughts aren’t separate and scattered, but seen in harmonic accordance in the state of Presence walking. ¬†You are every”thing” and every”ONE” simultaneously, and yet, Presence just wants to BE aware NOW in the walking.

T-here IS no destination with THIS practice because You are the destinated ONE…what You are searching for IS w-here You are looking from. ¬†Thus, You slowly pace YourSelf to the Presence of each step in Your walking with no destination on the horizon. ¬†You’re not trying to get somewhere You’re not. ūüôā

You may say, “I’m aware of Me walking, I’m aware of Me picking UP a book.” ¬†You’re using “I’m aware” to state Your case using Your voice to eloquently state Your Presence so the thoughts join Your Presence. ¬†You’re using Presence to narrate Your journey and what better voice IS t-here than Your OWN for Your OWN narration. ¬†You’re not at a boiling point, but rather slowing It down, slowing things down to a simmer…..”simmer down NOW” AS SNL would say. ūüôā

Along these same lines, I watched a Hallmark movie, Pearl in Paradise. In THIS movie, a man, Colin, Who IS a writer, and woman, Alex, Who IS a photographer, Who didn’t kNOW ONE an”other,” embarked on a journey together to find a hidden blue pearl in Fiji, both looking for It for different reasons, but, essentially, to further ThemSelves.

They eventually found the pearl, and when They OPENed the box to dis-cover the pearl, the message inside said, “Those worthy of the pearl can never have found the pearl.” THIS message sparked a conversation between Colin and Alex. ¬†Colin mentioned, “In order to find the pearl, You must have faith first. The value of the pearl IS what We courted. Proof denies faith and without faith, the pearl has no meaning. We, therefore, can’t take the picture to show people our proof because We never found the pearl. ¬†When We OPEN Our hearts ready to reveal the ukNOWn, life’s treasures OPEN UP.”

In Essence, which IS REAL-ly the root of Your labors, IS THAT LOVE IS what Colin and Alex dis-covered on Their journey…..THIS IS what They were truly after…first, Presence. They dis-covered LOVE for each other through the journey of looking for the elusive blue pearl. ¬†LOVE appears to beckon You through Infinite pathways, albeit looking and searching for some”thing” through experiences.

When a manifestation comes to fruition, the fruit of Your labors, You may attach YourSelf to It considering YourSelf from THIS awareness…..”I took these steps and THIS IS how It/I came about. Here’s My proof.” ¬†So You will “attempt” to consider YourSelf from THIS same position in order to Create an”other” manifestation….and NOW You, the physicality, are so-called trapped in the mind or the brain.

Presence or LOVE simply OPENs UP a spaciousness from inside You and allows the manifestations to appear. ¬†Yet, the manifestations, so-called temporary physical REAL-ity, come from Presence so You must go back to, return to, consider YourSelf, fully PRESENT in order for Your physical REAL-ity to BE the state of awareness. ¬†Physical REAL-ity can’t BE here without the awareness of Presence so THIS shows You THAT Presence IS the Creator. Consciousness Creates, physicality Perceives and Receives. You must do an about face to the “true” ONE.

You are THAT which flows into what You are doing. ¬†THAT Essence IS what You are courting. ¬†Those worthy of Essence will never have found the Essence for It unfolds and expands even at the mere mention THAT You have found It. ¬†AS You show people w-here You found It, It’s elusive nature will unfold more and more of You, and w-here You just showed people the location w-here It appeared to BE found, It no longer exists in THAT location, in THAT form. ¬†You’re formless simply Expanded to reveal more of Your location-less prowess.

Slowing YourSelf down to the speed of awareness will allow ALL to perpetuate You in an accelerated fashion. ¬†When You consider YourSelf to BE slow, It’s Your ideal speed setting awakening ALL THAT fashions ItSelf before You. You, the physicality, can simply state THAT You are aware in each moment so THAT You feel Your slow speed, Your Creator Creating Creation, and allow ALL to do what IS intended. ¬†ALL things in physicality are neutral, and It’s the physical BEing Who decides the meaning.

ALL can BE positive without You raising Your speed AS You simply state, “I’m aware THAT THIS IS positive.” ¬†From THIS awareness, ALL things get to function at the speed of light without the physicality short circuiting. Technology or whatever It IS IS neutral so I’m aware of neutrality typing with simply awareness flowing from Me and the words show UP in THIS beautiful state of neutrality. ¬†If she writes from and to Presence with her fingertips on a keyboard on a laptop on a table in a room, IS t-here any”ONE” Who listens?

I’m aware…and THAT’s ALL she wrote. ūüôā

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