I Go Where I AM Towed

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Yesterday, My husband and I were traveling on the road and in front of us was a trailer, BEing towed by a car. Etched on the window of the trailer was such a beautiful phrase, I Go Where I AM Towed. I absolutely LOVE the synchronicity in the messages delivered and pondered THIS portal OPENing and immersed MySelf in the depth and expansiveness of Its meaning.  If ALL IS neutral, then I get to PLAY the meaning game AS I see fit so I, the physical, suit UP and join My game. 🙂

AS THIS basking unfolded, I REAL-EYESed….and I keep REAL-EYESing THAT the some”thing” else IS in charge and I go where I AM towed/told.  I find MySelf in the moment and I REAL-EYES I didn’t get here by My doing any”thing,” but rather the ONE Who facilitates Me in THIS moment had (Conceived and Birthed) Me at THIS moment.  Thus, My, AS the physical’s, OWN-ly response IS to consider THAT I AM ALL-READY hooked UP with My trailer hitch to the ONE and allow the moment to BE AS It IS.  I LOVE BEing towed/told. 🙂

When We come face to face with whatever IS PRESENT, what lies herein, We REAL-EYES THAT ALL IS on the inside. Thus, We hitch OurSelves UP to THAT which IS facilitating THIS moment and simple BE towed….riding along with Our “true” driver setting the course. We simply move in alignment for if You’ve ever seen a trailer BEing towed, It simply moves with the ONE in front. The ONE driving kNOWs w-here It IS going and the ONE hitched UP relaxes.

AS My body goes through changes, I AM learning to trust the ONE in front, the ONE in first position and I go where I AM towed/told.  It feels good to acKNOWledge the sensation of fear and Self-soothe by talking to the fearful thoughts and relax into Them….THIS IS where I AM told.  AS I do THIS, I AM hooked UP because the soothing IS very appropriate AS I talk to It, not to push It aside, but REAL-ly understand It.  When We seek to understand, then We are understood.

Recently, I developed two cracked teeth….My twin flames….and THIS OPENing has allowed Me to dive deep and expand into the message from My teeth.  I have “old” fillings, “old” feelings, which surfaced in THIS experience.  So many attachments, so many stories, in the fillings.  AS I’ve towed/told the stories, I have also ackNOWledged THAT I desire a new framework to support My whole body, My whole teeth….not just my fillings. There IS so much more to the story. 🙂

I did see a dentist, which IS some”thing” I do not like….the “idea” of a dentist brings UP fear.  So AS I faced the NEW dentist, I totally gave MySelf to the experience and became the version of MySelf, Who I totally appreciated.  I gave thanks for her for BEing so brave and wanting to kNOW ALL of her. I was giving MySelf permission to believe in the Greater Me AS I also acKNOWledged the fear…It wasn’t ONE or the other…..It WAS ALL.

The dental assistant and dentist were so kind, and the dentist, Who had such soft hands when he shook mine, allowed Me to make My choices AS he explained his recommendations.  I then scheduled an appointment to get two crowns, and during a conversation with a friend, I jokingly said THAT I should have been very specific with the You-niverse…..”I desire crowns on my crown chakra, not in My mouth.”  You would think My You-niverse would kNOW. 🙂

So the tooth BE towed/told….no”thing” but the tooth….I envision the dental assistant, Maria, and the dentist, Dr. Guo, inside Me.   I keep Them close to Me AS I talk to Them about My upcoming visit to Them. THIS IS very soothing to Me AS I Create a very cooperative environment. I don’t want to push Them away….I want Them to BE AS much a part of Me AS I AM of Them.

I believe THIS IS what IS meant….My meaning…. by keep Your friends close, but keep Your enemies closer.  I don’t want to see Them AS an enemy THAT I need to go into combat with…..THIS saddens Me to even think of Them AS some BODY to go against.  I AM NEW, They are NEW, and deserve NEWNESS…They have OWN-ly have LOVE to give Me and I Them.

AS Rumi says, “We will discover THAT We were inside each other all along.”  In the moment, t-here IS OWN-ly LOVE and It takes serious inquiry to kNOW THIS LOVE AS the root cause. Fear, anxiety, frustration are OWN-ly secondary emotions surfacing.  When We desire to kNOW Our true Selves, LOVE, We will dis-cover Who came first, not in exclusion but inclusion.

Fear IS an energy, but what comes first IS the LOVE before the fear.  When We can give OurSelves to OurSelves and explore and dis-cover the root, We will un-cover more than what the surface could ever PRESENT…..If We are willing to OPEN UP and go deep through PRESENCE.

Right NOW, I’m listening to a song, The Closer I Get to You,  sung by Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway.  I want to get a closer look, and herein, I find more of MySelf, AS I AM towed/told.  🙂

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