I Chews LOVE

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Recently, while eating some walnuts, a beautiful message came in about chewing LOVE. I became aware of an Infinite light providing a recognition THAT ALL IS chosen AS a Source of ItSelf.  What You are eating IS Source.  In THIS way, when You eat, You are actual-EYES-ing the presence of light, the presence of LOVE.  You are actually chewing, digesting, processing, assimilating, drawing in…..and eliminating THAT which has served Its purpose…..more than You REAL-EYES.  Chewing IS a metaphor for a much greater process THAT IS occurring….chew on THAT. 🙂

LOVE IS a presence which can OWN-ly BE chosen AS a Source unto ItSelf.  It comes through Infinite forms, but LOVE IS ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS present…..It cannot not BE AS You the Source of LOVE ItSelf….Source LOVE here and forever.  It’s just THAT You may not recognize YourSelf in Your OWN Infinite forms.  

What I’ve come to appreciate IS I cannot live without LOVE for MySelf….It draws me into ItSelf/MySelf time and time again….coming into time.  Yet, what I am seeking, which IS LOVE, IS w-here I AM looking from.  🙂

I return, so to speak, with My focus through My body of physicality and ethereal to demonstrate continuous LOVE.  For My body was chosen AS the vessel of choice to provide the message of LOVE from the Source of ALL THAT IS.  ALL Its inhabitants gather together AS ONE Collective to provide the means for THIS message to come through. The physical body, similar to the ethereal body, IS not compartmentalized or fragmented into separate pieces, and yet, We have the freewill to see separation if We chews/choose.

The physical body IS ONE Collective BODY of wisdom, kNOWledge and LOVE, and thus, We are to treat It AS such.  We bring the ONE harmony to PRESENT Its message to Our world…..flowing LOVE wherever We go….My LOVE cannot flow without My entire BEing PRESENT.  Seeing It AS separate parts will PRESENT the message of YourSelf AS fragmented and, thus, You will fragment YourSelf into particle-EYESed details.  Each version of You, AS the “detailed” cooperative components, will live out the experience AS the parts….never seeing ONE an”other” AS whole.  You’ve Created Your OWN veil.

Each shifting version will not see the whole, but will rather carry the fragmented details into the experience.  It’s ALL cooperative, It just takes into consideration Your focus…what are You focused on in Your Conscious body?  You can see the physical and ethereal body AS separate organs and functions or You can see It operating AS a whole BEING.

AS I touch My whole body, even though It may BE My arm, My touchstone awareness allows the LIGHT and LOVE pulsating through Me into Perceiving and Receiving My EnLIGHTned Uni-versal vehicle AS a whole.  I can feel the pulsing aliveness everywhere just from the ONE touch messaging Center just like what happens when I receive a massage.  It feels like a state of wholeness and completion…..like My last remains which have no-where else to go but here.

I have digested, assimilated, processed so much beautiful information and wisdom for a gazillion years, and It IS time to LOVE My body (like no other) which may have been neglected in THIS process.  Yet, the BEing neglected carries no judgment, OWN-ly an awareness of LOVE….w-here I want to turn My focus.  Without My body, I wouldn’t BE here to physically PLAY in THIS Earth experience.  It IS My body THAT takes in ALL of It…..such an amazing vehicle to BE able to do THIS….ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS in My BEST interest.

Just consider when You eat and chew food, Your “whole” body gets in on the action….comes together cooperatively to process.  And, remember (re-membering…..reorganizing YourSelf to include ALL of You), Your body has chewed information and wisdom for many lifetimes, and It still stands the test of ALL these times and still keeps on running.  The body cooperates on ALL levels for the Greater healing AS well…It comes together in mutual harmony.  It sees ItSelf AS whole to BE able to assist ALL AS whole.  It IS enLIGHTned DNA (Divine Natural Awareness). 🙂

You kNOW, for what seems like a gazillion years, I’ve talked about sinuses and allergies occurring for Me.  I’ve talked about My BEing, My body, AS a separation mechanism in THIS way and so OWN-ly treated the separation.  It’s OWN-ly been recently THAT I was aware of THIS and so My focus IS on LOVing ALL of Me, including THAT which I saw AS separate.  I bring My body of awareness ALL together NOW throughout the day and LOVE It like I’ve never kNOWN LOVE before.

We are here to OPEN LOVE through ALL Our Infinite channels, and the physical body, IS primed and ready to Perceive and Receive LOVE on ALL levels so It can radiate THIS outpouring of LOVE.  What feels like a journey of THIS and THAT IS actually LOVE…We just may not BE aware AS Our search continues for THAT which We are searching from.

So You may incorporate music and dance throughout the day to feel Your entire body in THIS process….the whole….not just parts…..body listens to the music and moves in the dancing.  And in the end You kNOW LOVE….like You can’t go further without It…..You just can’t…and You REAL-ly, in ALL simultaneous REALities, don’t want to.

And the body kNOWs THIS LOVE AS It listens to Barry Manilow’s, Even NOW,  and senses Its OWN electromagnetic vibration and responds with Its OWN recognition with tears.  My remains have been identified AS LOVE and They remain here. 🙂





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