THAT Sounds Great!

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When You kNOW THAT Your You-niverse tunes to Your vibration, not Your words, You may sense THAT sound goes a very long way in Creating exactly what You want.  The way in which You carry Your tune, YourSelf, illustrates the exact vibration which ALL the Cooperative forces sense and then tune Your world….turn Your world… the Components which carry the same tune.  Thus, voila’, t-here You have Creation.  You are the Conscious Creator Creating Creation.  🙂

I LOVE the idea of Me, the physical, BEing the exact vibration of Me, the non-physical, Who IS Creator.  And I LOVE having tools, much like using utensils to accomplish the ease of eating, to assist Me in tuning into the vibration which spins Me around the dance floor with ease.  🙂

My tools seem to shift or change rapidly.  A tool THAT I seemed to gravitate to a few days ago changes into a tool in which the Collective THAT I AM NOW LOVES.  So if You asked Me for a recommendation, I could OWN-ly offer what IS appealing NOW…and offer THAT if You ask Me for a recommendation in a few days from NOW, I may have a different suggestion.   Different Incoming Collective coming into PLAY. 🙂

In THIS way, boredom won’t enter the picture.  Along these same lines, I remember watching an interview with Sting and Shaggy and They were asked what brought Them together.  They both answered THAT They are allergic to boredom…..They’re ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS BEing excited FIRST about Creator and THIS, in turn, in tune, facilitates Creation.

You simply go with the flow of the Conscious Collective You are at the time kNOWing THAT Your Collective IS growing and the growth spurt THAT They are will want to PLAY with whatever They feel will provide Them the experience in the NOW.  Just kNOW THAT Your tune will change….kNOW ThySelf in each moment.

THIS said, You are to tune to Your OWN Collective so You kNOW Who You are and stay here.  You can get recommendations from “others,” yet, the “whole” idea IS THAT You tune or turn in the direction to THAT which You are….talk to YourSelf.  You are a NEW physical and non-physical in each moment….shifting freely and carrying Your tune AS such throughout Your You-niverse.

I’m providing a sound tool which I REAL-ly LOVE….I LOVE listening to drums, and You can check in with YourSelf and see if It resonates….does Your sound system feel great?  My system LOVES It and I change which ONE I listen to AS well with complete freedom. THIS ONE may resonate right NOW, but later I may prefer some”thing” different so I tune to LOKOSMOTIVOS channel and sense what’s available.  It simply appears….imagine THAT?

Remember, It’s Your paradise…..It IS You Who Creates what You sense paradise to BE. You consider YourSelf to BE the vibratory tone of paradise and then tune to the Cooperative Components which amplify Your tone.  It IS You in each moment Who decides….turn to YourSelf ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS.

ALLWAYS/ALWAYS BE UPbeat…..Happy Tuning! 🙂


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