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AS I move through Our current remodel in Our home, I AM the place w-here I can view from a positive stance….or not.  Many things arise in THIS experience which are teaching Me, the physical, to TRUST in THAT which I cannot see, THAT which arises in the moment.  According to plan IS the unseen plan, the plan, which resides and subsides Internally/Eternally….ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS UPsides to the plan.  The plan IS constructed from the inside and mirrored outside…..ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS FROM an inside job. 🙂

My husband, AS a cooperative component on My journey, requested My assistance to help him move electrical wires.  He was testing the wires to see if It had power with a device which activated the color of red.  It was interesting to watch THIS AS I noticed THAT ONE side of the wire did not register power, but the “other” side did.

When I asked My husband about THIS, he said, “ALL wires have a positive and negative side.  So You must use the device on both sides to determine w-here the Power Source IS….if t-here IS current flowing through. You’ll see which ONE IS positive….THAT’s the power.”  ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS two sides to the same ONE coin. 🙂

I LOVE the teaching THAT IS set UP in each moment, the teaching which provides an experience to kNOW MySelf more.  I LOVE the depth THAT I AM which can go t-here to come FROM the depth so THAT I can see MySelf in the depth of the experience.  It’s so much more than what Our brain or mind can fathom because the brain IS not deSIGNed to kNOW the more….It can OWN-ly function FROM Its OWN thinking deSIGN.  We’ve given It so much power without experientially kNOWing the Source of Its power.  NOW, We are experientially aware, and NOW We understand.

AS Bashar says, the brain can OWN-ly kNOW what happened, not Create what happened.  It’s the Perceiver and Receiver of THAT which happened.  THIS IS the awakening of Our awareness in how Our physicality operates.

We, AS the physical, are the Creators aligned with Our Higher Self Who Conceives Us and Our experiences, not the victim of Our OWN minds.  AS We move UP the ladder in Our OWN awareness, We kNOW how to assist Our minds to follow the instructions from Our heart, Our Source…to help calm the mind and let It kNOW We are safe in THIS shift of power.  We let It kNOW safety IS paramount and We simply understand It’s worried and fearful about BEing safe…and We let It kNOW It can TRUST.

Can You TRUST Your NEW communication model and communicate AS a Creator and lead ALL from THIS awareness?

Understanding the mind will help Us do a spiritual integration….”We understand You are fearful, We are moving forward in THIS NEW shift of power.  We, ALL of Us, will LOVE You through It.  You are a beautiful element of Us and You are necessary to Our existence. LOVE permeates through Us NOW.”  Self talk IS beautiful in each moment AS LOVE paints You into Your OWN versions of You coming to fruition.

AS You allow ALL of You to move or shift forward, allowing FULL embrace of ALL THAT You are will BE crucial to Your shift.  You want to move AS a whole, not segmented pieces. Along these same lines, It’s interesting to ponder the word, “remodel,” AS It seems THAT each moment IS a state of BEing in the remodeling of YourSelf.  You’re ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS Creating change….ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS expanding into so-called NEW territory.

Yet, the territory IS the Internal/Eternal territory, the natural You….You’re coming into more of Who You truly are and TRUSTing THAT You can BE THIS and integrating any so-called pieces.  You’re Creating FROM THAT which IS in Its initiation and immersion of TRUST. Creation will not allow You to not Create. You’re ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS Creating.  You exist, therefore, You Create.  They go hand in hand….You are hand in hand with/AS Your Higher Self.

The handrails, the hand holding, the cooperative components, the resources, the family, God, are ALL on the inside, the Eternal spaciousness of Expansion.  No”thing” IS on the outside, t-here IS nowhere to turn but inward w-here It ALL began and shifts forward from w-here It ALL began. Calming the mind will BE paramount to Your shift.  Deep initiation…..”I TRUST in THAT which I AM and Created Me and Creates Me in each moment.  I AM safe, I AM home.”

My husband LOVES THIS quote from Russell Crowe’s character from the movie, A Beautiful Mind:

I have always believed in numbers, in the equations and logic that lead to reason, but after a lifetime of such pursuits, I ask, “What truly is logic….who decides reason?”  My quest has taken me to the physical, the meta-physical, the delusional and back and I have made the most important discovery of my career, the most important discovery of my life.  It is only in the mysterious equations of LOVE that any logical reasons can be found.”  

Perhaps to understand the mind, We simply allow OurSelves to fall in LOVE with It.  For to understand any”thing” or any”ONE,” You require LOVE in order to facilitate understanding. The pattern of LOVE IS w-here We can meet Our minds/brains and come to a FULL understanding….ALL the while maintaining Our sense of power and communication in Our forward motion….We LOVE OurSelves, Our entirety.

We shift forward FULLY empowered AS Our OWN LOVE pattern and from here, We communicate LOVE for OurSelves AS Creator Gods.  Here You deliver messages from YourSelf to those mirrored on the outside, Who are in Essence, You.  I AM leading THIS electromagnetic charge and I AM communicating AS a leader.

I AM, therefore, I AM Creator. 🙂




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