Communication Field

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Within realms IS a communication field which IS transmitting and receiving ALL THAT IS occurring.  In Our physicality, We may not BE fully privy to what IS happening and so It IS beneficial to assist the body in the “full” understanding.  By communicating with the body, We also assist the brain to operate under the guidance of the heart.  In THIS way, the brain gets the message not to “think” It’s in charge and “think” Its way through Our bodies.  🙂

We, AS the NEW version of OurSelves, incorporate thoughts which are conducive to the changes happening within Our bodies.  We want to BE highly conductive and productive, and thus, thoughts which are harmonious to the new structure BEing built will assist You. The old IS transitioning simultaneously AS the NEW IS inhabiting Its NEW location so t-here may BE fears or worries AS the old leaves and the NEW comes on board.  Change can BE exciting and scary at the same time.


We talk to the heart of Our cellular, Infinite Intelligence, structure in each moment to remind, assure and influence THAT Who We are and W-here We are going IS AWESOME and filled with such JOY.  So We must BE the impetus in Our OWN communication field and model THIS communication throughout each moment.  In addition, We utilize the breath in breathing in THAT which IS Eternal and breathing out THAT which IS seasonal.

At every step, We communicate FROM the Higher field so the transmission IS clear. When thoughts come in (and They will) which PRESENT a deviation or back tracking to the clarity, We simply use the power of influence to gently remind Our group.  It’s not unlike a mother duck who gathers her ducklings and shows Them the way SHE IS going….”Follow along….don’t make Me pull over and nip You in Your behind.” 🙂

So We can utilize humor and laughter AS reminders to instill the group’s focus and clarity…..”THIS IS Who We are and W-here We’re going.”

Your group IS inside You and IS growing by leaps and bounds so each moment may PRESENT some”thing” NEW.  You won’t BE able to count on what You did in the previous moment so You awaken to NEW ways and learn to BE comfortable in the unkNOWn.  And yet, some”thing” IS very familiar in the unseen multidirectional space…..the space which IS seen FROM a Higher position and kNOWs.

I AM, at THIS point, embracing a NEW remodel in My home.  It’s similarities are so funny….tearing down the old making way for the NEW….and enJOYing the steps….and TRUSTing.  And It IS a reminder to communicate at each step THAT THIS can BE JOYful….even when cats decide to make a run for It and get outside.  🙂

ALWAYS/ALL-WAYS communicate FROM and TO the cellular, Infinite Intelligent, structure which IS Eternal.  And kNOWing You can live and die in THIS moment and every”thing” IS ok.  And like Yo You Ma said in an interview…..You don’t ever fall in LOVE with the plan because the plan changes.  And he also said he likes to incorporate Julia Child’s humorous philosophy…..”Oh, the chicken just dropped on the floor.  Well, let Me pick It UP.”

It’s a musical flowing movement AS the plan changes….AS You are shifting, expanding and incorporating more of You Eternally are.  And more will want a piece of the action. 🙂

You are the communication model so NOW You give YourSelf permission to accentuate Your positive communication.  And remember, God didn’t say, “I victimize You.  God said, “I Create You.”  Thus, You are Creator Gods, not Victim Gods.  Can You see God AS a victim? 🙂

If at any time You are communicating THAT You are a victim, You kNOW what to do.  Time to regroup and focus on the Higher clear communication model and It IS a moment to moment focus.  FUN can BE Your operative word, but It must BE instilled in Your model….remember the focus….otherwise ALL hell may break loose. 🙂



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