Musically Inclined

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You are musically inclined in THAT You offer a frequency, a note, inherent to THAT which You are.  Given THIS wisdom, Your music sets Your tone for the moment and in Your radiant/radio frequency, Your Collective Energy comes alive AS each subscribes to the vibration You give off to ALL Your simultaneous REAL-ities.  They LOVE hearing Your OWN music when You tune YourSelf to THAT which You are…Your OWN deLIGHTful radiant/radio frequency.  Tuning into 111.1 on Your radio dial. 🙂

Think about when You listen to music, how It transports You to multidimensions feeling OWN-ly connection to the vibration and sound.  You can lose YourSelf in the depth of the music, and like Bob Marley says, “Feel no pain.”  THIS said, t-here IS no recognition of pain AS You are lifted to a much Higher vibration and are transported to these Greater Heights of awareness w-here the idea of pain doesn’t exist, and therefore, isn’t recognized.

And the concept of time doesn’t exist either.  You simply move cellularly to THAT which You are…singing Your praises. 

Music IS a moment to moment experience.  In ONE moment, You feel like rock-n-roll and when You, AS energy, shift, You sense an”other” genre coming ’round the mountain and soft music begins to PLAY.  AS I was cleaning, I sensed the ever-shifting moment and watched My PLAY list come about with the PRESENCE/PRESENTS of Sting/Shaggy, Boyz II Men, Chicago, Camila Cabello, DNCE.

It was beautiful simply watching how the music unfolded to reveal the conductive Source within Me….simply Perceiving and Receiving THAT which Conceived the PLAY list.  And I kNOW when My energy shifts, some”thing” else will come about AS I AM the Great Creator…..ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS Creating on the frequency which I OWN/OM.  Thus, My cells ALL are alive with My OWN sound and contribute geometrically to My unfolding REAL-ities.

We don’t actually hear sounds, We sense Their vibrations.  We are sensory Perceivers and Receivers, and in THIS way, We can actual-EYES Our experience internally and geometrically to give way to Our external unfolding.  THIS said, t-here IS a video which shows how sound conducts sand to Create geometric shapes.  Sound travels like LOVE and permeates ALL the cellular grains of sand and constructs to Create the beautiful mosaics That We sense.

In a similar fashion, Masuro Emoto was able to capture a pictorial of sound waves through water crystals when positive words were spoken…..Created such beautiful geometric shapes when words, which are vibration-ALL in “true” nature, were spoken or vibrated.

Similarly, chanting in each moment can offer a vibration-ALL sound or tone which then allows ALL Your Creative cellular structure to come together in Your name.  AS You chant, You organ-EYES Your cells in contributing harmony so THAT ALL are symphonic in Your “true” nature. I LOVE the sound of chanting AS I can feel and sense It in My entire body.  It does not matter the words…..OWN-ly matters what You are first in the vibration-ALL tone…first Source. 🙂

Here IS a choir chanting OM SO HUM…..I LOVE the sound of THIS AS I can sense My whole cellular body organizing the sacred geometry AS It builds momentum.  And I find MySelf chanting It throughout the day….illustrating the sound of My OWN voice and ALL gather together in My name to pay homage to Me and My sound.

It’s a sound THAT OWN-ly I can make. Tina Turner IS Creating sound through her OWN chanting.  Each person has Their OWN sound and It changes AS You keep shifting.  I can’t think of a person’s unique sound without thinking of Ross on Friends. 🙂

Sound travels and can BE heard LIGHT years away….and yet, the LIGHT years are within You NOW, in Your cellular structure.  Your Collective IS hearing Your sound AS You pay tribute to You and more and more of these so-called audience members AKA cooperative components are coming on board to hear You and You Them.

It’s a sound made in Heaven….time to go OM! 🙂


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