Returning OM!

T-here IS a frequency in which You can feel the power of returning….or actually feeling…. OM/home right NOW.  Think of the power of THIS frequency and sensation when You’ve experienced It…..”Ahh….I get to go home today.  Almost home.  Can’t wait to get home.  T-here’s no place like home”….whatever idea of home You have. NOW, simply use Your power of suggestion and imagination, and consider THAT OM and home are the same frequency.

Thus, You kNOW how to OM…..OPENing up to things THAT You “do” to tell YourSelf and the Universe THAT You are OM, right here, right NOW.  Remember, Heaven IS not a physical location, It IS a vibration-ALL frequency located within, and can BE experienced NOW…..if You allow It.  The “event” IS right NOW…..You are not separate from the “event” AS You allow ALL OM energy to BE available to You.  First, You have to BE the frequency in order to kNOW YourSelf OM.  

THIS palpable vibration can BE felt in every cell in Your body AS well AS tell Your concurrent REAL-ities THAT You feel AWESOME and THIS IS how You want to feel ALL the time.  It takes beautiful, relaxing focus to OPEN UP Your OWN OM to every”ONE” AS You feel and sense the awakened Collective Energies drawing in….feeling YourSelf awake.

Thus, You Create Your REAL-ity in each moment AS You OPEN UP to more and more….and more….of Who You “truly’ are.  You activate ALL Your “true” cells to awake and BE alive AS the Collective Energy.

For me, massages are OM, and yesterday, I gifted MySelf the power of an outdoor massage.  It was awesome to feel the sensations in the outdoors AS I relaxed into BEing and sensing My OWN OM.  I welcomed ALL My Collective Energy AS I joined Them, They joined Me, in My 90 minute experience.  We simply let It ALL in…and out.  🙂

Center YourSelf on those things which provide the idea of a beautiful OM.  When You are OM, t-here’s no”thing” like It AS the “true” energies THAT You are rest in peace and harmonize with Your physical PRESENCE.  You will never get OM by “thinking” YourSelf t-here unless Your “thinking” IS in alignment with Your “true” or “truth” North.

T-here’s more and more….and even more….power-filled energies awaiting Your alignment. AS You breathe in THAT which IS alive and breathe out THAT which IS complete, Your OM welcome mat IS seen by the Expanded You….You’re ALL lit UP! 🙂

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