Prime Regulator

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AS You unfold, Your unfolding inter/inneracts with experiences which are aligned with the multidimensional Collective in which You are in THIS moment.  Likewise, when You are sitting in a theater in THIS moment, You may say You are the ambient nature of ALL THAT IS AS Your multidimensional Collective.  Your experiences are not separate from You…You are Your experiences.  NOW, kNOWing THIS, You can blend rather than resist.

AS I’m experiencing LIGHT changes to My body, I was led to see an acupuncturist.  On ONE occasion, I heard the word, “parasympathetic.”  I kNOW I’ve heard THAT word before, but didn’t quite kNOW what wisdom I was about to receive.  I asked the acupuncturist what It meant, and because he IS Chinese, he kNEW exactly how to deliver the message.  And the student was ready….I AM ONE. 🙂

He said THAT t-here IS a system within You, which IS invisible, an innate life force, and It regulates ALL THAT You are.  It controls every”thing” and would BE considered the ultimate controller.  First, You have to BE aware THAT It exists and then gain access to It and flow with It.

It IS Your Conscious “parasympathetic breath”….the deeper breath which You have visual/visceral awareness of the expansion, Your OWN expansion, AS It gives rise FROM the heart space into the abdomen, the place reserved for You to see It in physicality. FROM here, You maintain Your Conscious awareness and flow It into ALL areas of Your body and breathe LOVE.  He also mentions THAT he doesn’t possess the formula for how long You hold Your breath or the entire regimen….You do.  You must tap into It for Your OWN guidance.

It was beautiful AS he described It to Me…..felt so visceral and familial/familiar….like a very nice family member Who I’ve been aware of, not fleeting awareness, but Conscious awareness.  NOW, AS I’m more and more Conscious THAT I AM every”thing” I need, I allow My breath to bring It into My awareness, and I TRUST.  It feels like My version and image of God, Higher Self and Collective Consciousness ALL rolled into ONE breath. 🙂

It feels AS if My breath IS NEW and ALIVE AS I breathe in ALL THAT I AM and breathe out ALL THAT has met Its necessary requirements, and give thanks and observe Its electromagnetic powers. Cleansing happens within, and It’s no wonder You heart/hear the term, “deep cleansing breaths.”  And My images, sensations, emotions, energy pulsing IS ALL aligned matching THAT which I AM.

I remember many years ago sitting in a meditation with a Buddhist monk and during meditation, he said to focus on Your Conscious breath.  I LOVED the experience, and after the meditation, I raised My hand and told him THAT the experience felt great and then asked, “What do You do next?”

He giggled and smiled, and said, “Breathe in, Breathe out.”  I remember BEING perplexed by his answer AS I was looking for the next mountain to climb, and in THAT moment I kNEW he was wrong.  🙂

And here I find MySelf aNEW in My OWN experience at THIS moment….”Breathe in, Breathe out.”  THIS IS w-here ALL IS located and IS the Prime Regulator for ALL Conception….ALL IS Conceived FROM the breath…. and ALL to BE Perceived and Received from physicality.  It IS THAT simple, but for Me, the most overlooked regulator….My OWN regulatory system.  And consider THAT “Prime” numbers are those which can only BE divided by ItSelf and ONE.

It brings It/You FROM a sense of calm, of peace, of happy, of joy, of enthusiasm for life…..THIS IS “how and Who” (same words…letters simply moved around) You naturally are.  You wait for Your breath to deliver ALL to You FROM the Prime Source, FROM Your OWN heart space.  Just think THAT when You focus on Your breath, You Create space which OPENs You UP on a much grander scale.

And It’s no wonder THAT moms, Who are about to deliver a baby, are told to focus on Their breath…..Conscious breathing Creates space for the NEW.

In addition, You can chant some”thing” THAT feels good AS You walk throughout Your day breathing Conscious breath.  It’s interesting THAT Tina Turner has completely changed her music genre incorporating Buddhist chanting in her music.  And Buddhist monks chant and breathe AS They walk throughout Their day.

Chanting assists Your thoughts to embrace a musical mantra so THAT Conscious focus IS maintained….Your thoughts join the Vibration-ALL Essence of You…and You continue to teach Your thoughts to join Who You are and w-here You want to go…..forward harmony. In addition, people can regulate Their ambient temperature simply by focusing Their breath and Perceive and Receive relative to Their surroundings.

AS I was doing a search, I came across THIS article…..moving from sympathetic to parasympathetic….NEW energy of awareness.  From flight or fight to rest in peace, and It ALL can BE done with Your breath…..breathing from Your heart.  Moving from density to BEING LIGHT-hearted.

Relaxation 101 – How To Activate The Parasympathetic Nervous System

May You enjoy breathing like You’ve never enjoyed breathing before…..awakening and aware of the Prime You. 🙂


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