Is God Fixed?

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It’s FUN to contemplate ALL sorts of flowing communication, and in THIS “positive” way, You can have dialogue with ALL.  With THIS said, during My classes, the idea of money will come UP from the participants and the language which IS used IS, “We live on a fixed income.”  It IS a belief system on a particular frequency so THIS IS the language conducive for THAT frequency.

Each person IS allowed to believe whatever….pure freedom here.  Yet, what if You wanted to go deep into THAT belief system and see what IS there, and consider an”other” field of opportunity PRESENTing ThemSelves AS a Collective?

After My recent class, a portal OPENed UP where a FUN communication model arose giving Me a FUN way to look at the idea of money and abundance.

Would You say God IS fixed?  Does God cut off his OWN “family jewels” supply so THAT no more can flow through to pro-Create and prosper the world?  Can You imagine God doing THIS? “Oh, You want more money and abundance flow?  Sorry, We’re ALL out here. No more Infinite possibilities. No more resources. I’m cutting You/MySelf off and “severing” the abundant supply cord….THAT will fix You/Me.” 🙂

So if You say, “I’m on a fixed income,” THIS means You’re saying, “God IS fixed!” 🙂

It’s FUNNY to ponder these questions and consider Them FROM an”other” vantage point. If You believe THAT God, Higher Self or Consciousness Created You AS Its version of the Infinite and Unlimited and IS flowing through You, then wouldn’t It BE to Your advantage to actually believe It and actual-EYES It in Your body of awareness?

You are not fixed or solid…..just a beautiful array of Creative moving energies flowing through Who IS here to Create AS the Unlimited.  You cannot not Create….You are pro-Creation. Thus, You may entertain the idea THAT You can spend AS the Unlimited.

BUT (and THAT’s a BIG BUT…and You like BIG BUTS) You have to get comfortable with Unlimited spending AS much AS You are comfortable with Unlimited supply.  You didn’t come here to monitor Your spending because then THIS equates to the Un-belief in Unlimited and believing THAT You are limited.

When You do spend AS a vibratory BEING, You act in preference to THAT which You are. So in THIS way, You conduct YourSelf vibrator-ALLY in accordance with a price, BUT It’s a frequency choice, a kindness choice, a LOVE choice.  So the selection IS made, BUT You think the selection IS made based on a price.  Consciousness IS selecting the item, and You, AS the physical, are Perceiving and Receiving THAT selection based on a vibration or frequency….flowing in LOVE with YourSelf AS the ONE Creator.

You can’t watch what You spend with a “better watch out, better not cry” mentality and believe THAT You are Unlimited.  You will have to Create the tense of verb of NOW….”exist-tense”….and shift YourSelf to a frequency where You believe THAT which You kNOW You are.

Remember, It’s ALL a game, It’s ALL a PLAY in which You are ALL of It.  You are shifting a gazillion times per second and entertaining many REAL-ities ALL at once.  And You are diving deep into beliefs to see what else IS t-here.  It’s a depth of energy AS You OPEN UP ALL on the energetic path of “exist-tense.”

So have FUN AS You spend and watch Who happens AS You entertain each thought. You, AS the physical, OWN-ly desire to Perceive and Receive THAT which IS Conceived from Your Higher Self.  It’s simply a vibratory game and I wonder Who will win! 🙂

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