Beautifying Space

When We activate Our within and allow the flow to “move” Us, ALL cooperative components come into PLAY because the flow organizes ALL of Them.  We, AS the physical, don’t organize any”thing,” We only perceive and receive THAT which IS organizing and forward motioning Us.

We become flow force….BEing in the flow allows ALL currents to “move” Us in the direction which IS most pleasurable.  Thus, We relax and allow ALL downstream currents to take Us on Our pleasure journey….flittin’ and floatin’ along…Mai Tai please! 🙂

AS Consciousness = Awareness = Energy, You beautify Your OWN inner space in Your OWN electromagnetic energy field.  Thus, You exemplify beauty and radiance and glow while in the flow of Your OWN Conscious Awareness.  THIS means while in Your “beauty space,” You OWN-ly add components which exemplify beauty.  You are a cooperative component so BEing in cooperation with YourSelf means perceiving and receiving beauty surrounding You and in the unseen worlds.

Adding to Creation means radiate THAT which adds Who You “truly” are and what You desire FROM THAT which You “truly” are.  When You find some”thing” beautiful, share It. You are sharing space within with a gazillion cooperative components, Who ALL-READY beautiful.  They kNOW THIS!

NOW, You, AS a physical cooperative component, share space with those Who seemingly are “out t-here” so You share Your OWN inner beauty, which captures the pose within. And You kNOW THIS!  You are equal and are living in the kNOW! 🙂

I took THIS pic of My radiant beauty, My glow, in the realm of a sunset, and I was in awe THAT I could reflect THIS sort of beauty….so appreciative of Me to BE able to witness My OWN beauty.  AS I share OWN-ly THAT which IS beautiful to Me, I have captured the epicenter of THAT which speaks High pitched volumes internally/Eternally….I speaka Their language.  It’s like I get to inhale the “good stuff” like the munchkins from the Wizard of Oz.

Speak, write, draw, walk, think, beauty today and share…and watch how reflective Your world IS.  You BE gettin’ a “whole” lot more. Although My glow IS better than Your glow! 🙂

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