Conceived in LOVE, Received in LOVE

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BEing conceived in LOVE and received in LOVE, You are the epitome of YourSelf in a HIGHtened state of awareness.  Within THIS idea IS a new blueprint unfolding for Your body and AS It unfolds, It IS BEing initiated into a new awareness.  It’s like faith and trust IS the methodology to surrender into Your natural state with OWN-ly NOW AS Your go to.

Many things will come about AS You won’t BE able to look back on a remedy or a some”thing” to assist You NOW.  You are fully into You, and thus, surrendering to Your Higher Self IS paramount to REAL-ly believe in LOVE on ALL levels of Your body’s transitional phases.  Your body IS in a consistent state of reorganizing ItSelf for new activations and new energies and so It will feel different.  You are a NEW You and defining You AS You go along. 

You aren’t the same person You were a moment ago, and thus, the You, Who IS NOW, doesn’t have any”thing” to hold on to.  You are complete or returning to a natural state of awareness in each moment AS You surrender to THAT which IS redefining and recalculating ItSelf at a moment’s notice.

It IS UP to You to TRUST Your body and communicate with Your cells, Your Selves, AS You rewrite the energy AS It moves through Your body.  Your Self talk IS crucial AS You talk YourSelf into BEing ok AS the energy shifts appear.

OWN-ly communicate with YourSelf AS It’s the ONE guiding Your transition so BEST BE in communication with THAT which IS aiding in Your physical transFORMation.  The more You do THIS, the more comfortable with surrendering You will feel.

You are upgrading Your cellular structure to inhabit new energy codes and thus, You are in a consistent state of flux and flex…and FUN.  AS Bashar explains It, You are assimilating a lot of different energy and not to BE alarmed AS You will reach the balance point.  AS Abraham explains It, Your Inner BEing IS going through a growth spurt and Your physical apparatus has some lag time.

Whatever You may BE experiencing, kNOW THAT Your Collective IS right here with You so communicate with It AS You transition.  Simply ackNOWledge the energy THAT IS here and blend with It the BEST way You kNOW how.  It’s taking You places THAT It wants You to go for Your OWN growth and evolution on a grander scale.

LOVE YourSelf more than You ever have before and keep the LOVE alive. 🙂


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