Financier of LIGHT

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AS a BEing connected to ALL LIGHT and ALL cooperative components, You have the capacity and the ability to consider YourSelf connected to ALL Who finance You.  You come FROM Your OWN global frequency economy….It IS Your OWN financier of LIGHT.

And ALL others have Their OWN AS well, and thus, no ONE can take away from You or You from Them.  Your frequency IS deSIGNed just for You because You are the ONE facilitating the financing through the path of least resistance, and It IS Your ability to kNOW and believe THIS so You finance ALL THAT You are and ALL THAT You desire.  It takes pure FUN focus to BE aware of THIS. 

In THIS way, You are aware THAT ALL abundance and support flow through You…not outside in, but inside out.  So You allow THIS awareness to BE kNOWn throughout ALL States of Consciousness AS You shift in each moment “throughout” (coming through You outwardly) the day.  AS You state Your business operations in each moment, You can tap into the over-flowing money THAT IS literally at/IS Your fingertips….if You believe It to BE. Remember, believing IS seeing. 🙂

AS You are aware, You are an energy system, a LIGHT system, and thus, You are the ways and means in THIS financial system.  You simply desire to connect to a Higher Level….w-here the finances come FROM and exist FROM.  Similar to a physical business, the finance department IS located on a floor or in a certain area.  So in Your non-physical awareness, You dis-cover THIS floor or area within You and access what You desire…..It IS not outside of You.

You can PLAY with THIS awareness in Your imagination any way You like.  PLAY with Your financial team so THAT They are ALL conceived in LIGHT and LOVE. You want PLAY time to BE LIGHT, not heavy, so THAT ALL can flow through You easily and effortlessly…no sludge allowed.  🙂

Just close Your physical EYES so THAT Your Internal/Eternal EYES provide images which would indicate PLAYfulness and FUN.  Simply PLAY in Your OWN financial arena or department and direct Your team to deliver AS You wish.  PLAY IS the operative word and indicates THAT You believe It IS THIS way, and believing in THIS way, the You-niverse can reflect back to You and deliver more in a PLAYful way.

I LOVE to PLAY with My team called Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Warren Buffet and Ralph Lauren.  I imagine Our conversations and imagine Them AS colors.  I blend with Their energies and We have a deLIGHTful time.  It’s funny to imagine ALL men on My team, but I can easily assimilate Their images.  Sometimes I have financial consultants drop in for some added flavor. My team IS NOW and It can change AS I see fit.

AS You stream YourSelf in THIS PLAYful awareness, You REAL-EYES THAT t-here IS a steady financial flow….again, if You believe.  Your beliefs will propel You to the level in which You find YourSelf most comfortable and BE guided at THIS level….ALL the while learning, growing and evolving into Who You “truly’ are.  Your imagination will BE key in Your financial prowess and abilities AS You stay connected to Your Inner BEing Who provides ALL through Your nation of images, energies, vibrations and frequencies.

You wouldn’t BE at THIS level in Your physical body and not have the ways and means to deliver Your desires.  You come FROM ALL THAT IS MAGICAL…or normal to the Higher Level…and AS You believe in YourSelf at THIS level, You will tap into Your financial energy system.  It’s like You are a High rise….going UP AS You avail YourSelf of ALL the financial energy and allow It to appear through You.  First, You must BE a good Perceiver and Receiver of Your financial goods. 🙂

AS I was writing THIS article, I was led to go trim bushes and ivy, and in THIS so-called activity, much communication was flowing through.  It mentioned THAT trimming what no longer serves IS paramount to allowing the financial access points to BE made aware of. In order to BE aware of the energy THAT You’re “truly” guided by, You will have to let go of THAT which no longer IS necessary at THIS level.  It served Its purpose and IS free to BE born again through the power of LIGHT and LOVE and You integrate It at THIS level.

You can’t take every”thing” with You at the 3D level in order to familiar-EYES YourSelf and BE comfortable with 4D or 5D. You’re going to have to let go of many beliefs…..AS Bashar said You’re letting go in each moment.

Bashar also mentions in his book, Blueprint for Change, THAT even though We may perceive him AS a single entity, he IS actually comprised of hundreds of thousands or millions of Consciousnesses.  Thus, They plug into his Consciousness to have an interaction with Us.  Similarly, We may have an interaction with what We seemingly believe to BE an individual, yet, It IS much more Consciousnesses interacting within Our multiverse.  T-here IS much more energy available and We keep expanding in THIS much more…more energy to PLAY with.  🙂

So simply PLAY with the Consciousnesses THAT You are and keep growing Them, and avail YourSelf of THIS energy so THAT You Create and deSIGN Your experience with ALL Your financial backing supporting You.   Finances can BE FUN if You believe Them to BE.

With THIS said, I just returned from a trip to Utah to attend the wedding of a friend’s daughter, time in Park City and time with My family in Ogden.  I had a wonderful time and was aware of so much more on THAT trip.  I had lunch with two of My brothers and when the bill came, It was the funniest experience for several seconds.  We ALL stared at the bill and no ONE wanted to claim It….t-here we sat wondering how It was going to get paid. 🙂

My husband finally broke our staring and said, “Tami, It looks like You’re buying lunch.”  I immediately commented, “Oh, I guess I AM.”  It was hilarious for Me AS I was experiencing a different timeline, a different parallel REAL-ity.  No w-here in THIS timeline was t-here a “when I visit, You pay for meals.” T-here was no “THIS IS how We do It” with some sort of tradition to fall back to.  It made Me laugh and even after I paid the bill, I was still experiencing THIS parallel REAL-ity with the utmost of curiosity.  🙂

And true to what Bashar says, I was letting go and Centering MySelf in the path of least resistance.  I was aware THAT traditions or historical events no longer serve…can’t hold onto Them.  Centering IS simply Centering YourSelf in Your OWN connection to Your Higher Self and having FUN and PLAYing in Your OWN financial belief system.

If You believe THAT finances can’t BE FUN, think again from Your PLAYfulness arena and visit Your finance team often AS You equip Them with squirt guns, bubbles and skateboards…..”Whee!” 🙂


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