The Ways of Magic

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The idea of BEing magical IS so incredibly beautiful…THAT You are the magician in each moment Creating instant particles which FORM into Your majestic world.  Yet, It IS You, the Unseen which Conceives and Creates these particles to “behave” in such a way to particle-EYES Your world so THAT You may live in It AS You recognize It…”Yup, THAT’s a cup of tea.”  The 5 senses do not Create, Your non-physical vibration Creates.  Your senses OWN-ly Perceive and Receive THAT which IS Created.

Recognizing IS harmonizing FROM the Unseen eyes. If ALL IS behaving in Its pure, natural way, then how would Your, the physical, behavior harmonize with THIS awareness?  Your behavior IS out of THIS world. 🙂

In order to have an experience in THIS moment, the You, the Creator, must coalesce Consciousness, blend ItSelf ALL together, so THAT a cup of tea IS a cup of tea to Your physical eyes.  So AS the Perceiver and Receiver of Your cup of tea, You Perceive and Receive It through the eyes of the Creator AS JOY because You truly kNOW the Creator of THIS experience.  

When I had an experience with My cup of tea, I was taken into the cup of tea to see the clouds in the sky AS My home window served AS the mirror for THIS experience.  AS I began to look further into the tea, I could see My physical eyes looking back at Me.  I LOVE looking further because a cup of tea IS an experience of grandeur if You go further into YourSelf to Perceive and Receive It/YourSelf AS such.  I’m ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS FROM the Center of My experience.

Thus, You see THAT ALL IS deSIGNED with the magician, AS the magician.  You’re not looking at any”thing” outside of You to provide for Your magic show.  You are the magic show when You can back the bus UP and REAL-EYES so much more in Your Center of Creation from Your moment to moment perspective.  It IS surely a cup of tea and yet, It IS way more, Expansive more.

You may BE aware of YourSelf Expanding and aware of sooooo much more AS You bring ALL with You on Your journey….and aware of ALL with You.  AS You integrate ALL aspects in whatever way suits You, You begin to notice thoughts and language changing.

The magician IS running the show and gathering ALL around so THAT ALL are on board for ALL THAT IS happening FROM the magician’s point of view.  If You have a thought THAT may have brought pain to an aspect, You NOW “think” FROM It with gratitude and appreciation.  You see It changing….presto changeo….right before Your eyes and It’s a sustainable change.

You NOW “think” FROM a point of view which adds tremendous beauty to Your Creation world, Your frequency.  Your thoughts don’t run You like an operating system out of control. You are programming It, upgrading It, writing the magic code in each moment so THAT You think FROM the beauty.  Every”thing” IS merging and blending and harmonizing.

And You NOW kNOW how to momentize and gain momentum with each moment of You AS You gain access to more beauty and gather ALL those to join You AS You witness the beauty.  You do THIS FROM a point of view which IS Your desire… add or subtract FROM beauty in the way You see It and share FROM THIS point of view

T-here IS so much more to You and more to You and more to You…..more AHA’s yet to come.  You are the magician writing Your magic codes and perfecting Them in such a FUN way.  And remember, a magician may become bored and dull because he or she feels stagnant in the perFORMance.

So AS the magician, You simply change It UP a little so Your cells “sense and feel” the NEW show.  You incorporate enthusiasm just by shifting You into an activity which lifts You UP….turn on the music and dance…and voila, You are the NEW show and are aligned with Your Creative powers.

Life IS very simple…..if You choose It to BE.  You write the codes ALL-WAYS/ALWAYS. 🙂


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